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Race report by Michael Ravn
Now it was time for the unofficial Danish championship (round 3), where 57 drivers would start the race in Aarhus on February 3rd. Practice was on Saturday, during which time I felt that I had a really good car, so I thought I had a chance for taking it all the way on Sunday, but all that was going to change.

Qualifying and finals were held on Sunday with the round-by-round system. After the first qualifying round I felt good and was still going for win, but my body wing was too high… so the first result I had was a DQ. During the 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds my car was driving very well, but I was in 4th place overall for the finals (after the 3rd round) and the other guys were finding the pace. There were 4 guys with 29 laps.

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Michael Ravn
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In the finals I was about to realize that I would not win this race, but suddenly in the 1st final I was driving for the 3rd place but not for long. In the 2nd final I would take 4th place, and if I took 3rd place in the last final, that would only be good enough to take 4th place overall.

Modified overall:
1. Patrick Hornum XRAY T2´007
2. Jonas Kaerup
3. Johan Eskildsen
4. Michael Ravn XRAY T2’008

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Podium modified
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19-turn Class:
Carsten Madsen, our local Danish top driver, had a really good car at this track, so after the 2nd round he had the pole position. He was able to secure the win from final 1. Carsten Madsen was also using the XRAY T2’008.

19-Turn overall:
1. Carsten Madsen XRAY T2’008
2. Nicolai Nilsen
3. Jepser Hoyer

I would to thank my sponsors Team XRAY & Modelsport.dk

Michael Ravn
Team XRAY - Denmark

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Podium 19T
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