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The 2 Day Carpet Wars championship was held at the Black Lion Centre in Gillingham. Around 150 drivers attended the largest indoor championship held in UK covering all 3 classes of racing, with cash prizes available for top 3 positions, FTD and top Junior in each class.

Practice was complete by 09.00hrs on the Saturday and the event kicked off smoothly with the first of the 15 qualifying heats around 09.30hrs. It was a full programme with 4 qualifiers on the Saturday and one qualifiers and 3 finals on the Sunday. The format of the finals was best 2 from 3. XRay drivers Ben Cosgrove, Kevin Brunsden and Eliott Harper were all eager to do well and demonstrate the outstanding performance of the T2 008.

Qualification covered 4 rounds on the Saturday and one on the Sunday morning. The leader board was changing regularly and Elliott was FTD after the 3rd and Kevin after the 4th. However, by the end of qualification Kevin Brunsden was in 2nd place, Elliott Harper in 3rd and Ben Cosgrove 6th.

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It was a clean start in the first A main, but the pace of the race led to leader changes. An initial mistake let Kevin take up the challenge and Elliott move into 2nd and the chase was on. Around the 2 min. mark Kevin grip rolled and this gave Elliott the lead and Kevin dropped back a few places. This is how it stayed until he clipped a "bot dot" at 4 mins. rolling the car and letting the chasing driver through. The race ended with Elliott in 2nd Kevin 6th and Ben 7th.

Again the 2nd final was clean a clean start and but again Kevin was having one of those meetings and a minor error again rolled his car letting Elliott slip through to pick up the challenge on the lead car. There after the race settled into a steady pace and slowly Elliott was closing down the leader, but steadily running out of time and only finished 0.4 behind olly in the end. Kevin never recovered form the early incident and Ben 9th.

The 3rd final was about where the top 3 drivers finished and Elliott has secured 3rd place at this point but still with an opportunity to secure the win. A good start off the line let Elliott close down behind Kevin. Kevin had made a few novel adjustment, which didn't deliver the expected result and his car seemed off the pace affecting the rest of his race. Elliott slid past Kevin and pick up the challenge but the lead car was faultless in his drive taking the win from the front with Elliott 2nd for the 3rd time. Ben again had some really bad luck and Kevin finished in 7th place.

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By the end of the race, overall Elliott secure 2nd place lifting the runners up trophy plus Under 16 trophy.

A big thanks to all the organisers and sponsors who put the time and effort into making this event so successful!

The Top 10 finishers:

1. Olly Jefferies
2. Elliott Harper - XRAY T2'008
3. Glen Doman
4. Lee Woodhams
5. Marc Fisher
6. Chris Kerswell
7. Chris Delves
8. Kevin Brunsden - XRAY T2'008
9. Sam Smith
10. Ben Cosgrove - XRAY T2'008

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Elliott Harper Set-up sheet.

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