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The first round of the BRCA 200mm Touring series took place at the Aldershot track in south east england over the weekend. The weather forecast did not look good going into the weekend, and unfortunately they proved correct when it started to rain on the Saturday practise day at about 13.30. This only gave everyone about 3 hours of practise on a dry track, but it was enough time for the usual contenders to set the best lap times!

The rain stayed all night, so qualifying started on a damp (but drying) track, after two rounds Darren Johnson was on TQ, his NT1 running perfectley on rubber tyres. For the next two rounds it continued to dry out so the final round would be the one to count, no pressure then!

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Unfortunately for the lower heats, the top heat had the best track, and so Mark Green took the TQ, from Darren Johnson followed by Mark Gilliland and Stephen Brown. Three other NT1's made the A final with Robin Hammett, Ben Cosgrove and John Zottl making it 5 NT1's in the main final.

Darren got a flyer at the start, and took Mark on the fast sweeper, after a few laps Mark began to close in, and for the rest of the race Mark and Darren fought a great race for the lead, with the lead changing many times especially in the pits, with great work by Darren's pit man Alex getting him out in front of Mark despite going in behind ! Despite Alex's best efforts Darren just couldnt quite keep Mark behind and had to settle for second in the last few laps. Just behind these two Mark Gilliland had a clean race for third followed by Robin and Ben making it four NT1's in the top five.

Final results:

1 Mark Green
2 Darren Johnson XRAY NT1
3 Mark Gilliland XRAY NT1
4 Robin Hammet XRAY NT1
5 Ben Cosgrove XRAY NT1

6 Simon Wood
7 Pete Watt
8 John Zotti XRAY NT1
9 Chris Slater
10 Steve Brown

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Darren Johnson Set-up sheet.