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Xray's Italian team has started the season with a strong showing! At the 1st nationals in Messina Simone Mencarelli with XRAY NT1 powered by Max Power won the final of the F2 class after the qualifying 3rd.

Class F2
1. Mencarelli Simone XRAY NT1
2. Giacalone Andrea
3. Cuce Francesco

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In F1 there were 4 Xray NT1 in the final and after an hard battle with top drivers, Barbera Guido finished 2nd with Calce Domenico in 3rd place. The NT1 was perforning great and allowed the Xray drivers to adopt a no-tire change strategy.

Class F1
1. Spinello Mario
2. Barbera Guido XRAY NT1
3. Calce Domenico XRAY NT1
4. De Felici Giorgio XRAY NT1

5. Gentile Umberto
6. Gaggiola Stefano XRAY NT1
7. Colombini Stefano
8. Strukul Daniele
9. Stefanizzi Davide
10.Schepis Antonio