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The 2nd round of the Portuguese National Championship was totally dominated by XRAY. 45 drivers were at the race in Albufeira, in southern Portugal to enjoy the bright sun shiny weather and race in round 2 of the Portugese National Championship series.

On Saturday, during practice, it was clear that Filipe Costa, the new acquisition for Xray distributor Team 27, with his XRAY NT1, was very fast and the set-up was fine. The other team drivers, José Pequito and Jaime Silva was also lapping fast, like others team drivers.

On Sunday after the 3 rounds of qualifying heats the order was:

1. Filipe Costa - XRAY NT1
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Miguel Matias
4. Jaime Silva - XRAY NT1
5. Ricardo Nogueira
6. Pedro Silva
7. Eduardo Dulac
8. Joao Malveiro
9. José Pequito - XRAY NT1
10. Ricardo Mendes - XRAY NT1

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In Portugal we do not have drivers qualified directly into the final, instead racers run in semi-finals with the top finishers moving on to the A Final. In the semi-final B we saw team driver Jaime Silva win that race in front of young Bruno Coelho, and the 5 to the final was:

1. Jaime Silva - XRAY NT1
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Joao B.Inácio - XRAY NT1
4. Luis S.Pereira - XRAY NT1
5. Pedro Silva

The semi-final A saw team driver Filipe Costa finishing in front of Brazilian driver Carlos Dulac, an outsider of the Portuguese Championship that was coming to the Warm Up of the Worlds and stays in Portugal till the Word Championship. Xray Team mate José Pequito finished 3rd to also give him one of the 5 available spots in the final..

1. Filipe Costa - XRAY NT1
2. Carlos Dulac
3. José Pequito - XRAY NT1
4. Gonçalo Almeida

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XRAY driver Filipe Costa
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A great result for XRAY and the NT1 with 5 cars in the Final. If the semi-finals was a good spectacle, the final was really impressive on the beginning with the fastest drivers fighting for the lead. However, with only 2 and a half minutes into the race, team driver Jaime Silva lost control of his car due to a bad connector, team mate José Pequito damaged his car on the first lap slowing him down and limiting his changes to contend for a top position.

The battle eventually boiled down to Carlos Dulac and the Serpent team driver Ricardo Nogueira till he run out of gas. Then the fight was only reduced to Filipe and Dulac that in the mean time lost 2 laps for our Team driver giving the victory to XRAY.

We have to mention the great race of Joao B. Inácio, that come from 1/8 Finals finishing 4th place, and our partner Luis Simoes that was very consistent during all the race finishing in a nice 7th position.

The Final Classification becomes:

1. Filipe Costa - XRAY NT1
2. Eduardo Dulac
3. Ricardo Noguerira
4. Joao B. Inácio - XRAY NT1
5. Bruno Coelho
6. Gonçalo Almeida
7. Luis Simoes - XRAY NT1
8. Pedro Silva
9. José Pequito - XRAY NT1
10. Jaime Silva - XRAY NT1

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Jaime Silva Set-up sheet.