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Race report by Suwardi Suliandy
Our National 2nd series was held this time at Bukit Sentul RC Camp owned by Teddy Syach, former 2004 Brazil 200mm GP IFMAR finalist. The track is located in a mountaineous area at West Java, approximately 50 minutes drive by car from Jakarta. The weather during the race was hot and dry.

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The Track
Track’s surface is fine and smooth, hard-to-find bumpy areas around it, while the layout is a combination of long straight ending with an uphill, high-speed corner, chicanes and tight S-turns which are very challenging. During practice in the morning, the traction was very good and it slowly built up through the heats and finals.

The battle started with Teddy Syach followed by myself leading the pack. Teddy is very fast, and pulled out about 5 seconds ahead of me, but on the last lap his battery began to dump. I managed to push hard in last minute, and finished in 1st place only 0.6 seconds ahead of Teddy. Teddy’s best lap was 19.4 compared to my best lap of 19.5 sec.

I changed my setup by changing the rear springs from 2.6 to 2.4, took out the rear anti-roll bar and increased the car’s final ratio by 0.3. This time, I managed to finish only 0.2 secs ahead of Teddy. Both of us still managed to get 15 laps, while others got 14 laps. It’s only a matter of time before Toto and Didi make 15 laps, as they showed good pace during this heat.

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This time, Teddy really proved his skill as a former IFMAR finalist, clinching 16 laps with a best lap 18.6 secs. I had slight trouble with the rear diff, as it unexpectedly loosened a bit. I still finished in 2nd place. Toto and Didi managed to get 15 laps this time and secured 3rd and 4th place, respectively.

1. Teddy Syach
2. Suwardi Suliandy
3. Toto Kastawinata
4. Didi Kartanegara
5. Chester
6. Dani
7. Robert
8. Galih
9. Ronald
10. Dody

Teddy and I managed to pull away from the rest of the pack. At the 1min mark, my rear diff began to loosen again. I managed to defend my position, but the car was very difficult to drive and understeered alot especially in the high-speed corners. Thanks to the aluminium outdrive it didn’t melt away. Teddy won the first final, followed by Didi and Dani. At the pit later, I found out that the diff screw hadn’t been fully screwed into the plastic bushing at the outdrive. My fault cost me this final.

I managed to pass Teddy in 1st corner after the start and began to push hard. At the 3min mark, he experienced problems with his car and retired. Didi took his position to finish 11 secs behind me, while Dani finished in 3rd place.

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In the last final the traction was very good. The main contenders for champion still widely open.Teddy and I both took one win at previous finals, while Didi, Dani and Toto had great chance too. I changed my front stablizer from 1.6mm to 1.4mm to gain more steering. Right after the start, Teddy and I pushed hard and managed to make some gaps with 3rd position. My tyre started to overheat and I lost some laptime while there was a good battle for 3rd position between Toto and Didi. At the end of the final, Teddy secured the Champion title, while I took 2nd place and Toto took 3rd place.

1. Teddy Syach
2. Suwardi Suliandy XRAY T2'008
3. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T2'008
4. Dani XRAY T2'008
5. Toto Kastawinata XRAY T2'008
6. Dody XRAY T2'008

7. Robert
8. Galih XRAY T2'007
9. Ronald
10. Chester XRAY T2'007

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2. TOMMY P. XRAY T2'007


Thumbs up for Dani, as this is his first year in an electric touring car race with the new XRAY T2’008 and he is already making his name known. A total of 7 XRAYs dominated the Main A Final and we take two trophies in it and won Main B final.

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Suwardi Suliandy Set-up sheet.