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Race report by Helge Johannessen
The first round of the Norwegian National Championship was held in Farsun on April 4th. New this year is that 5 races will count in the National Championship instead of only 1 race.

This would be the first race on asphalt with the T2’008 and after the great functionality on carpet I was exited about how this car would work on asphalt. Since the nitro class was held on Saturday, the grip was much better than last year, although tire wear was a problem. The biggest challenge on this track was to get enough steering into the corners, but my car felt great from the first test, so only small adjustments were made.

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I went to a softer stabilizer in front and rear, and installed softer springs to gain more grip. I also removed the aluminium brace and changed the rear arm from x-hard to hard. Then I gave more droop in the rear to gain more steering off-throttle. I did this all since my last race was at a high-grip indoor track.

The car was super-fast and I made a new track record and lap record in the first qualifying round. My electric time was identical to my times from the nitro class, and I was over 6 seconds ahead of position 2.

In the first final I got hit in the first turn and had to fight my way through the field from 10th position. When I was closing in on the leader, Eirik Andreassen, I got hit in the side from a car that had been off the track. So Eirik won this one.

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In the second final I drove with no mistakes and took a supreme win ahead of Eirik.

In the last final I played it safe with Eirik a couple of metres behind me, and drove safely to an overall win.


1. Helge Johannessen – XRAY T2'008 (TQ)
2. Eirik Andreassen
3. Tom Erik Svaasand
4. Stig ※Hold brillan※ Alstad
5. Robin Simonsen Nordlie – XRAY T2'008
6. Goran Langsholt
7. John Lara
8. Ivar Johansen – XRAY T2'008
9. Alf Skaar
10. Jon Age Olsen

Helge Johannessen Winning Set-up sheet.