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The third round of the regional championship of BrasĂ­lia - DF was held in Brazil on May 10, 2008. The race was very challenging, with many pilots a lot of the time being on the same lap. The TQ was the NT1 driver Rafael Rocha, and he finished in 3rd place. The fastest lap was made by NT1 driver Rodrigo Moreno. Rodrigo Moreno lead the race for most of the time and finished 1 lap ahead the 2nd place car.

Rodrigo Moreno - winner

In three rounds of the local championship, the performance of the NT1 cars was amazing. In the first round, an NT1 took 2nd place as the best position and made the fastest lap; in the second round an NT1 took the first win and a 3rd place. The championship is lead by Rafael Rocha with an NT1.

The next round will be held on June 7, and there will also be another round in July.

Final results:
1. Rodrigo Moreno - XRAY NT1
2. Joao Gabriel
3. Rafael Rocha - XRAY NT1
4. Felipe Chaud - XRAY NT1

5. Marcello Rangel
6. Kennedy Martins
7. Lauro Borges Kisaka
8. Ernando Oliveira
9. Marco Mansur
10.Thiago Bezerra

Winning XRAY NT1 of Rodrigo Moreno