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The third round of the French Championship took place in the extreme east of France near the Atlantic Ocean. The Automobile Model Club is situated to Hanvec, 15 minutes from Brest. Participation was low due to the geographic location of the race, but it was with pleasure to see our friends…“Breton※ in particular… all the team of Michel Peuziat the race director.

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Category Elite:
Arnaud Chaussard’s claimed a magnificent pole position, followed by Thomas Eytard and Basile Concialdi – all three with XRAY NT1 cars! MickaĂ«l Pontal was the last one to qualify directly.

Category National:
It was Parisian driver Roman Jaureguy who took the pole position, followed by Maxime Favrelle (XRAY NT1), Frédéric Bourrillon, and young XRAY driver Anthony Bruyer.

Local TV interview with TQ driver Arnaud Chausssard

Finale Elite (45 minutes):
It was a beautiful start altogether, but an incident at the beginning of lap 2 caused Basile Concialdi to end his run because of a strong collision. Arnaud Chaussard lead for a few seconds beforehand, followed by Thomas Eytard, Mathieu Wullyamoz, Michael Derderian and Jacky Mouton (who adjust his carburetion and made a great run). Michael Derderian battled with Thomas Eytard for 2nd place and managed to overtake him. With only 6 minutes to go, Arnaud Chaussard lost his 2nd speed but Michael Derderian didn’t took advantage of this and only 3 seconds separated them at the end of the race. Thomas Eytard was in position for a podium finish, but bad luck (and an empty tank) in the last lap allowed Mathieu Wullyamoz to take 3rd place on the podium.

1 Arnaud Chaussard XRAY NT1
2 Michaël Derdérian
3 Mathieu Wullyamoz
4 Jacky Mouton
5 Thomas Eytard XRAY NT1
6 Eric Sautereau XRAY NT1

7 Thomas Desmaries
8 Joffrey Defie
9 Mickael Pontal
10 Basile Concialdi XRAY NT1

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Finale National (30 minutes):
This was also a very exciting finale with a fantastic duel between Maxime Favrelle and Frédéric Bourillon. Frédéric Bourillon had radio problems, mainly on the straight. Maxime Favrelle took advantage of this, but Frédéric Bourillon made an incredible effort and came close to the leader. Maxime Favrelle made a few small mistakes which allowed Frederic to overtake him to take the victory. Alexandre Basset ended in 3rd place.

1 Frédéric Boutillon
2 Maxime Favrelle XRAY NT1
3 Alexandre Basset
4 Bruno Turbo XRAY NT1
5 Christophe Combes
6 Aurélien Gouriau
7 Romain Jaureguy
8 Brice Limousin XRAY NT1
9 KĂ©vin Laget
10 Anthony Bruyer

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Arnaud Chaussard Winning Set-up sheet.

Basile Concialdi Set-up sheet.