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Race report by Jerome Renaux
The second round of the 1/10th 200mm Belgian National Championship was held last weekend at the LMCC track in Luxembourg. This race was quite exceptionally in that during the three days there were many classes running together: 1/8 (F1 & F2), 1/10 (T1 & T2) and 1/10 235mm.

Practice was held on Friday, and the track had a lot of grip… some drivers even had traction roll problems. I decided to put on a solid axle, and by the end of the day I found a good setup for the qualifications on Saturday.

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The track of LMCC
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Unfortunately, the rain came down all night and on Saturday before the two qualifications of the day, so all grip was lost. After some changes on the car, I was able to take the pole position.
Sunday morning, for the last qualification, I decided to test a final setup. The car was performing very well and I was confident for the final. XRAY dominated the qualifications, putting four cars in the top qualifiers.

The top 4 qualifiers in T1:
Jerome Renaux XRAY NT1
Lambrechts Steve XRAY NT1
Sanza Jonathan XRAY NT1
Yves Zoma XRAY NT1

In T2 (promotion class) Donato Vazza made a great last qualification and was able to make 16 laps and take over the pole position.

The top 4 qualifiers in T2:
Vazza Donato XRAY NT1
Hubin Stephane XRAY NT1

Desmet Jonathan
Cedric Gils XRAY NT1

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Jerome Renaux car after the final
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In the final, I had a good start and was able to quickly get an advantage over the other drivers. After 15 minutes it started to rain a little bit but not enough to put rain tires. So I decided to not change the tires for the moment. At 8min before the end, I had to come into the pits to change tires because the rain hadn’t stopped and the track was too slippery. I ran slowly for the last 5 minutes and won that final. Michel Tomagra took 3rd place with his XRAY.

T1 final results:
1. Jerome Renaux XRAY NT1
2. Henriet Manuel
3. Tomagra Michel BE XRAY NT1
4. Bert Aerts
5. Marc Tibaldi XRAY NT1
6. Lambrechts Steve BE XRAY NT1
7. Stephane Roufosse XRAY NT1
8. Yves Zoma XRAY NT1
9. Sanza Jonathan XRAY NT1
10. Yerna Hughes XRAY NT1

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podium T1
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In the T2 final, Hubin Stephane (XRAY) took 1st place after a great battle with the young driver Maxime Claes. XRAY also took 3rd place with Olivier Riffon.

T2 final results:
1. Hubin Stephane XRAY NT1
2. Maxim Claes
3. Olivier Riffon XRAY NT1
4. Gysembergh Renaud XRAY NT1
5. Vazza Donato XRAY NT1
6. Amicone Olivier XRAY NT1

7. Christophe Charlier
8. Moureau Emmanuel
9. Cedric Gils XRAY NT1
10. Desmet Jonathan

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podium T2
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It was a great weekend for XRAY with victory in both T1 and T2 classes.

Regards Jerome Renaux

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Jerome Renaux
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Jerome Renaux Winning Set-up sheet.