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Race report by Daan Jacobs
Round 2 of the Dutch National Championship was held on May 17/18 at the Baanbrekers in Ruchpen.

Practice (Saturday)
The weather forecast for Saturday was not so good. We arrived at a wet track, but it started to rain… however, in the afternoon the track was dry so everyone still could make just a few laps to settle everything for the day after. So now it was necessary for everybody to get the perfect setup for qualification on Sunday.

Qualifications (Sunday)
The weather for the day was perfect, with nice sunshine.

We had three qualifications, and it was really close on the fastest on-road track from the Netherlands. The car was handling perfectly and was really easy to drive, and I went into the last qualification with a solid-axle. This was an improvement for this track, and it was especially better in the infield.

Local driver Pedro Rombouts had good run for his qualification. Maarten van Lierop was also really fast but he had some engine issues.

Qualification National class:

1. Daan Jacobs XRAY NT1
2. Pedro Rombouts XRAY NT1

3. Ruud Schuitmaker
4. Remy Möller
5. Koen Geurds
6. Jurgen Geerligs
7. Sander Borghoff
8. Niels Pourchez
9. Maarten van Lierop XRAY NT1
10. Bas Geurds XRAY NT1

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NT1 of Daan Jacobs
(click to enlarge)

Qualification Nomac class:

In the Nomac class it was Ricardo Dam who claimed pole position on his home track. Home driver Ingeborg Gommers – the lady in this race – did a good job and set the second fastest time. Jurmin Etnel put himself into third spot on his first race with his brand new XRAY NT1.

Qualification results:

1. Ricardo Dam XRAY NT1
2. Ingeborg Gommers XRAY NT1
3. Jurmin Etnel XRAY NT1

4. Jeroen Emmens

National Final (Sunday):
The final was very close and from the start I could slowly get away. After 15 minutes I had more than 10 seconds on 2nd place driver Ruud Schuitmaker and 1 lap on the rest. But after 26 minutes my middle pulley from my speed shaft became loose, and in the last 4 minutes I drove with only front wheel drive! It cost me two laps and the victory.

Final results:

1. Ruud Schuitmaker
2. Jurgen Geerligs
3. Remy Möller
4. Daan Jacobs XRAY NT1
5. Sander Borghoff
6. Pedro Rombouts XRAY NT1
7. Mario Gerssen
8. Arco de Jong
9. Bart van de Water
10. Jack van Leeuwen XRAY NT1

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L-to-R: Maarten van Lierop, Jurmin Etnel, Daan Jacobs
(click to enlarge)

Nomac Final:
It was a close race between the three XRAY drivers (Ricardo, Ingeborg and Jurmin), with Jurmin being the one who drive to 1st place! He drove a very consistent race without any mistakes.

Final results:

1. Jurmin Etnel XRAY NT1
2. Ricardo Dam XRAY NT1

3. Peter Verkerk
4. Bern Kleinsteuber XRAY NT1

Daan Jacobs TQ Set-up sheet.

Maarten van Lierop Set-up sheet.