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The second qualification round for the German Championship (Division middle) was held on May 17–18 on the Motodrom raceway in Andernach. There were 28 racers who entered the race in total: 12 in the Modified class (including Ronald Völker, Toni Rheinard, Andreas Myrberg) and 30 in the 16 Stock class. Team XRAY drivers Steven WeiĂź and Dirk Wischnewski took part at the race.


Qualification went well for Team XRAY. XRAY driver Steven Weiß qualified in second place behind Bastian Schäfer, closely followed by Martin Hoffend, Marcel Geiger and Dirk Wischnewski also driving a XRAY T2`008 cars

Qualifacation results:
1 Bastian Schäfer
2 Steven WeiĂź XRAY T2`008
3 Martin Hoffend XRAY T2`008
4 Marcel Geiger XRAY T2`008
5 Dirk Wischnewski XRAY T2`008

Matthias Lang

Steven WeiĂź won all three finals, taking the overall win.

Final results:
1 Steven WeiĂź XRAY T2`008
2 Toni Rheinard
3 Ronald Völker
4 Dirk Wischnewski XRAY T2`008

In the Stock class it was XRAY driver Matthias Lang who dominated the entire weekend, eventually winning the race with his XRAY T2’008.

Final results:
1 Matthias Lang XRAY T2`008
2 Marc AĂźmann
3 Scott Davis XRAY T2`008

D. Wischnewski, S. WeiĂź, M. Lang