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Stock Class News
Under a sky that threatened rain, we were graced without it on the racetrack of San Lazzaro (Bologna) where we ran the second round of Italian Championship UISP. This race saw great driving from all drivers. The facility, mostly for nitro-powered RC cars, had a straight that was a severe test of the endurance of our vehicles, but the final results were far above any expectations with the record being shattered by a good 0.4sec better than a 1/10 nitro with a barchetta body. Even Collari could not believe them!

Even in his first qualification, Berlincioni immediately showed his potential by being able to finish with one lap more than Barilli who was ahead of Govi. In the second qualification, Berlincioni got better and thanks to that would start on pole position. Govi was able to make 15 laps and he puts himself behind him. In the third session, Barili overtook him and took 2nd position on the grid.

The finals were very exciting, with each driver winning a final and getting 2nd in the other one. So, to get the final placement we had to look at the discards and tally up the final positions.

Stock results:

1. Berlincioni Matteo XRAY T2'008
2. Barilli Bruno XRAY T1FK'05
3. Govi Giulio XRAY T2'007

4. Davoli Michele
5. Donadelli Danilo
6. Borgogni Tiziano XRAY T1R
7. Buzzelli Tommaso
8. Ricci Giordano
9. Dall'Oca Fabrizio
10. Vangi Emiliano XRAY T2'007

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Sport Class News
The highest attendence was in the Sport class, with battles for first place being really exciting. In the first qualification, Nerone with his XRAY was the only one to make 19 turns, followed by Romagnoli (Serpent) and Battisti (XRAY).

In the second qualification, Batisti set the TQ time, but was quickly disqualified due to being underweight by 5 gr which he lost on the track. Romagnoli was getting closer to Nerone's time, but but could not pass him.

This left the third qualification for Batisti to be able to reclaim TQ. Super-fast Magnocavallo (XRAY) trailed him by a few tenths, while Romagnoli got even better and overtook Nerone.

The first final saw Batisti jump the start and receive a subsequent disqualification; he did not understand a signal from the race director and such was where the issue originated. Magnocavallo took advantage and won the final ahead of Romagnoli, followed by Batisti and Nerone.

In the second final, Romagnoli lept from the start. It was a nice battle between Batisti and Magnocavallo, who would remain tied for almost the entire final... resulting in a win by Magnocavallo, followed by Nerone, Pasquini (XRAY), and Romagnoli closed to fifth.

The top spot was tied up, but there remained a battle for second and third positions, which thanks to the first place of Nerone and second for Batisti, the entire podium was filled with XRAY drivers.

Sport results:

1. Magnocavallo Luca XRAY T2'008
2. Nerone Andrea XRAY T2'008
3. Batisti Fabrizio XRAY T2'008

4. Romagnoli Samuele
5. Pasquini Paolo XRAY T2'008
6. Aquilino Andrea XRAY T2'008

7. Casini Daniele
8. Zanoni Silvano
9. Furelli Sergio XRAY T2'008
10. Noce Roberto

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Mod Class News
In Mod class, all drivers are obligated to use LiPo batteries and at the end of the straight speeds of 90kph were reached! The first qualification saw three drivers reach 20 laps, with Martini getting top results followed by Sala and Giglioli.

In the second qualification, Martini again was fastest followed by Romagnoli in second ahead of Rabitti Stefano who did his best performance in this session. Sala had to stop due to technical problems.

In the third qualification, the battle between Martini and Romagnoli had an unfortunate tragedy... the first temperature-related problem caused by the breakage of a fan forced Martini to withdraw. Michelle Romagnoli ended the qualifications by placing himself on the Pole.

The first final was without a doubt the most exciting. It was a contact-free start and the ensuing battle between Romagnoli and Martini lasted the entire 5 minutes... ending up with Romagnoli ahead of Martini by less than 1 second even though the laptimes favoured Martini. Rabitti Stefano finished in a solid third position but back by 8 seconds.

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At the start of the second final, Martini was first at corner 1 due to a hesitation by Romagnoli. A few moments later Sala was making impressive times and was able to catch Martini... but again had to retire due to problems. Martini finished with 21 laps followed by Rabitti Davide and Di Michele. Romagnoli closes Fifth.

The third and last final was the last possibility for Martini to to try to take it all. Again at the start Romagnoli had a problem and was passed by Martini, and also others were able to pass by him as he sat still on the grid. When he started again both he and Sala found themselves involved in an
accident which forced them to retire. Martini turned in some very impressive lap times.

The third final had Martini first, Giglioli in second, and Rabitti Davide in third.

Mod results:

1. Martini Francesco XRAY T2'008
2. Rabitti Davide
3. Romagnoli Michele
4. Giglioli Silvano XRAY T2'008
5. Rabitti Stefano
6. Di Michele Fabrizio
7. Bigi Lorenzo
8. Cantoni Stefano
9. Sala Federico
10. Baldissarri Daniel

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Martini Francesco Set-up sheet.