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Race report by Stephane Roufosse
The weather was hot and dry and the track was also very small so I had to use very short drive ratio(16/21 60/54) at the track. In T1 qualification, Renaux J. (XRAY) took 2nd place, Sanza J. (XRAY) took 3rd and Lambrecht S. (XRAY) took 4th. Yerna H. (XRAY) won the semi-final. I had an engine stopped (unfortunately in front of the pits) in the semi-final so I took 3rd place.

In the T1 final, the problem of the extreme abrasiveness of the track meant
that tyre choose was very important. I started the final in 7th place with
front 40 (62.5) and rear 42 (64.5) and ride height of front 6.5 and rear
8mm. I ran the entire final not at my usual 100% fast driving, just so I
could save my tyres.

Yerna H. took over 1st place for the first 5 minutes with a very fast car,
but then he had body problems. Jerome R. had a motor problem and lost a lot
of time in the pits (I think he was the fastest on the track as usual).
Sanza J. was very good but his tyres wore out at 5 minutes before the end. I
finished the race in 3rd place with very small tyres; my car was very fast
and easy to drive.

Ranking T1:

1. Henriet Manuel
2. Kempeneers Marten
3. Roufosse Stephane XRAY NT1
4. Sanza Jonathan XRAY NT1
5. Renaux Jerome XRAY NT1
6. Tomagra Michel XRAY NT1

7. Vorsters Guy
8. Aerts Bert
9. Yerna Hugues XRAY NT1
10. Lambrech Steve XRAY NT1

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podium T1
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In the T2 final, Gysembergh R. (XRAY) dominated the 15 first minute of the final but then Gils C. (XRAY) took over the lead for the end. It was a great race between these two drivers. Vazza D. (XRAY) took 3rd place.

Ranking T2:

1. Gils Cedric XRAY NT1
2. Gysembergh Renaud XRAY NT1
3. Vazza Donato XRAY NT1

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podium T2
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