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Round 2 of the Singapore National Series was held on June 1st, with qualifying starting off at 11:00AM due to a downpour on Saturday night.

The qualifying pace started off fast and furious with four XRAY NT1 drivers in the top 10:

1) Ben Seet
2) Philip Lee
3) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
4) Barry Ng
5) Kelvin Yong
6) Nick Kuan XRAY NT1
7) Tom Goh XRAY NT1

8) Terence Chung
9) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

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Jesse Wu
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This had to be one of the most exciting 1/10 scale A-main finals in a long time. The 45-min A-main started at a furious pace with Ben Seet in 1st, Phillip a close 2nd followed by Erwin, Barry, Tom and Jesse.

Ten minutes into the race our teammate Erwin encountered some technical problems and this slowed him down and put him out of contention, but he still managed to get back to 6th position after spending more then 7 min in the pit, a very impressive catch-up for Erwin.

Tom and Jesse were battling for 3rd position at the 30min mark and traded positions for a few times but a flameout (due to a miscalculation of fuel timing) dropped Tom to 4th position.

Jesse too was having clutch issues and thus couldn't catch up with the top 2 cars and finish with a podium 3rd position. It was still an impressive run considering with clutch issue and he was still able to get onto the podium.

Nick did not start the race due to engine problems, though he had put in an impressive qualifying round.

1) Philip Lee
2) Ben Seet
3) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
4) Tom Goh XRAY NT1

5) Terence Chung
6) Erwin Luhur XRAY NT1
7) Barry Ng
8) Kelvin Yong
9) Nick Kuan XRAY NT1

Jesse Wu Set-up sheet.