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The race was held at Dewan Mahsuri (beside the airport) on June 1st. The venue was 1/10 200mm nitro cars with .12 engines. Fuel was limited to 16-25% and a minimum weight of 1700g was enforced. There was three qualifying rounds of 5min per heat.

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Team XRAY Malaysia NT1 proved their capabilities with superb qualifying (top 3) and A mains finishes of tremendously high quality driving for the top 4 positions. The event was attended by 34 drivers and 16 NT1 in the competition made XRAY the ultimate brand to conquer. We were running on concrete surface with medium-to-high traction (although it was bumpy). Teamwork was the very high. Emeel managed to grab the Top Qualifier position with a lead of 5 seconds, followed by M.Shah and Eric Ma. The team decided to run a front differential, and the NT1 really show its great performance and fine handling.

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On the morning of practice day, it was quite a messy point where the surface was a bit damp which was followed by windy weather which introduced a layer of dust to the track. Raceday morning was a question mark there were no damp sections or dusty surface. In the first qualifying session, Emeel took the limelight with a Mugen and he kept it until the 3rd round.

The final event was a bit questionable since the B main ran 35 minutes with tyre wear issues. The strategy was simplified for the drivers in A main to get ready to pit for a tyre change; this was going to be unpredictable since pit strategy plays a big role in a 45-minute main.

A Main Result - 45min:

1. Emeel XRAY NT1
2. Eric Ma XRAY NT1
3. Baha XRAY NT1
4. Mshah XRAY NT1

5. Suhaimi
6. Zul Langkawi XRAY NT1
7. Ah Siong
8. Aseng
9. Mahadir XRAY NT1
10. Daniel

The B main was almost secured by Yus who had a comfortable 2-lap advantage, but unfortunately at 5 minutes to the finish a tyre failure forced him to pit and relegated him to 2nd place.

B Main Result - 35min:
1. Zuki
2. Yus XRAY NT1
3. Suhaidi

The C main was won by new NT1 driver Amirul.

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Emeel Winning Set-up sheet.

Baha Set-up sheet.