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The Just Hobby 1/10 Nitro Sedan Challenge was held on Sunday, June 8th with all top drivers present, thus making it a very competitive event. Qualifying was fast and furious with six XRAY NT1 cars in the top 10. Top qualifier Tom Goh (XRAY NT1) was the only driver that broke the 30 lap barrier with 30laps in 7.10mins. Teammate Jesse Wu came very close with a 29laps in 7.00mins, placing him 2nd on the grid.

Qualifying order:
1) Tom Goh XRAY NT1
2) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1

3) Zamil
4) Don Ng XRAY NT1
5) Ben Seet
6) Leslie Tan XRAY NT1
7) Glenn Phuah XRAY NT1

8) Philip Lee
9) James Loke XRAY NT1
10) C.H. Tay

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Jesse Wu and Top Qualifier Tom Goh
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In the 45min A-main final, Tom pulled out to a comfortable lead followed by Jesse, Philip, and Ben. It was a close battle for the next 35 minutes with the four cars all on the same lap. Any mistake made would cost a position. Tom had a flameout due to a leaking front engine bearing, and this dropped him to 4th position. Teammate Jesse was on a stunning race pace and closed in on leader Ben to less than a 1sec difference… then overtook him with 7 minutes to go. However, a broken exhaust spring caused Jesse to retire with 5 minutes left in the race and also cost him a race win. Don, Glenn, and James also experience some technical problems, thus dropping them out of the race.

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Tom and local top pitman Bobby Chan
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In the B main Final, Bryan with his XRAY NT1 finish as champion in a remarkable B main final.

A-Main Finishing Order
1) Ben Seet
2) Philip Lee
3) Tom Goh XRAY NT1
4) Zamil
5) Leslie Baker XRAY NT1
6) Jesse Wu XRAY NT1
7) James Loke XRAY NT1

8) CH Tay
9) Glenn Phuah XRAY NT1
10) Don Ng XRAY NT1

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