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Race report by Ralf Krause
The last qualifying race for the German Nationals Championship took place on June 1st in the northernmost part of Germany near Eckernfoerde. Sixteen drivers took part in the 200mm scale class and together with the 1:8th class there were 47 participants in the race. The weather over the weekend was almost too good, with sunshine and temperatures of around 30 degrees. All XRAY drivers were very satisfied with their cars on the very twisty track, and only really had to play a bit with their respective setups. However, due to the high temperatures, everyone was working hard on getting the proper engine settings - the engines were really suffering in the heat. All four of the qualifying sessions took part on the Sunday. The combination of the XRAY NT1 together with the Orcan/Rex LR3 proved itself to be the best: 3 out of 4 drivers qualified directly using this combination.

1. Krause XRAY NT1
2. Guttschau
3. Steinhaeuser XRAY NT1
4. Hasselbring XRAY NT1

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A strong and error- free semi-final saw the XRAY driver Stefan Grund make it into the final, therefore allowing once again four NT1 cars to start in the 30min final. Immediately after the start I was able to build up a lead and pull away from the rest of the field. However, before too long my engine started to run richer, causing the shift into 2nd gear to occur later than it should have. then just after the second fuel stop the engine cut-out completely. Unfortunately this happened a second time and all-in-all this cost me a total of 2 minutes. A further two visits into the pit lane to adjust the carburettor meant that the race was a disappointment for me. The cause of the engine problems appeared to have been due to a faulty glowplug - even though I had specifically replaced the glowplug for a new one for the final. Juergen Hennemuth drove a perfect final to take an easy win. Bernd Hasselbring had problems with his car's electronics, whilst Stefan Grund's car stripped a gear and Carsten Steinhaeuser also suffered from engine problems.

1. Hennemuth
2. Krause XRAY NT1
3. Knispel
4. Paetz
5. Indratno
6. Lemke
7. Grund XRAY NT1
8. Hasselbring XRAY NT1
9. Steinhaeuser XRAY NT1

10. Guttschau

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That concludes the qualification for the German National Championship. The equipment I used to become the North German Regional Champion includes XRAY NT1, MH-tuned Rex LR3 MH, Orcan exhaust. I would like to thank my sponsors: XRAY, HUDY, Novarossi, SMI and last, but not least, my father for his support.