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XRAY driver Jaime Silva
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Round 4 of the Portuguese Nationals was held last weekend at the Sintra track, approximately 35km from Lisbon. After a very hot week (30-32°C) we had a very grey Sunday with low temperatures between 20-22°C which was nice for the engines. The race was attended by 44 drivers, which is very good for the scale that is becoming very competitive.

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XRAY driver Luis Carvalho
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Team driver José Pequito had engine problems and could not manage to get to the final, only Team driver Jaime Silva and the semi-official 27- team driver Filipe Costa could get into the Final along with 2 other NT1 drivers, Luis Carvalho and Joao Batista Inácio.

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XRAY driver Jo?o Batista
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At the beginning, Team XRAY driver Filipe Costa jumped to the front but was pressured hard by driver Mario Miranda, followed by Jaime Silva (NT1) and Eduardo Dulac. To avoid any problems, Filipe opened the way for Miranda and then HE started pressuring. Jaime Silva crashed his car against a marshal and lost lots of time repairing a broken suspension, eventually coming in 10th position.

At around the 20min mark, Filipe got into the lead and ended up finishing 1 lap ahead of Mario Miranda.

Final Classification:

1. Filipe Costa - XRAY NT1
2. Mario Miranda
3. Eduardo Dulac
4. Miguel Matias
5. Bruno Coelho
6. Joao B.Inácio - XRAY NT1
7. Pedro Silva
8. Diogo Moreira
9. Luis Carvalho - XRAY NT1
10. Jaime Silva - XRAY NT1

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XRAY driver Filipe Costa - the winner
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27-Team driver Filipe Costa is now 1st in the Portuguese National Championship series!

National Championship Classification results:
1. Filipe Costa XRAY NT1
2. Bruno Coelho
3. Jaime Silva XRAY NT1
4. Joao Batista Inácio XRAY NT1
5. José Pequito XRAY NT1
6. Ricardo Mendes XRAY NT1

7. Pedro Silva
8. Joao Malveiro
9. Ricardo Nogueira
10. Luis Pereira XRAY NT1
11. Joao Gaio XRAY NT1

12. Paulo Santos
13. Joao Completo Costa XRAY NT1

Jaime Silva Set-up sheet.