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Practice day Saturday gave tremendous hints when most XRAYs got their final settings. Emeel with his previous race top qualifier stinger still proved that he and his NT1 were untoucheable for that title when he clocked 18 laps at 5:16.840 in the 1st heat and he held it well until the last qualifying round. Four NT1 drivers qualified for the A main, looking to be a good line up for the main final, regardless of the stunning points difference for the MNC crown.

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The A-main drivers got a clean start in the final. Emeel took the lead for team motivation followed by Baha, M.Shah and Haikal. After first pitstop, Emeel fell to 6th but Haikal clawed his way up to the top of the leader board with a brilliant display of driving. Until fourth pitstop, XRAY had four great drivers at the top, with other Kyosho and Serpent top drivers having a hard time with the technical track and getting driving errors.

The stunning four XRAYs drove along with very high racing skills and close laps, showing great teamwork to help each other pull away from the backmarkers. The outstanding performance continued with difficult predictions of the final result since the four drivers were changing positions regularly. The spotlights were on Baha and Haikal. With 10 minutes to go Emeel secured 3rd position with a 6-lap difference back to the Kyosho driver in 4th place. M.Shah struggled as his engine cut out a few times during the 15minutes.

Haikal was still on a good run for the championship position followed by Baha a few seconds behind. But not until the last 7 minutes did Haikal face tyre wear problems and Baha strived to take the advantage; he took the lead until the final clock chime and it was a very joyful celebration with an XRAY clean sweep of the podium.

A mains result:
1- Baharudin - XRAY NT1
2- Haikal - XRAY NT1
3- Emeel - XRAY NT1

4- Badrul
5- M.Shah - XRAY NT1
6- M.Afiq
8- Zul Yazid
9- Zul Ojoy
10- Mizan

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The B mains lineup had four 4 NT1 drivers with potential to stand on the podium too, but a few technical errors put only one XRAY driver on the podium.

B mains result
1st - Eric Ma - XRAY NT1
6th - Mahadzir - XRAY NT1
7th - Norazam - XRAY NT1
9th - Riad - XRAY NT1

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Team XRAY Malaysia had a major victory by claiming the top three spots in the A main and claimed the overall championship for the Malaysia National Championship 2008 1/10 touring GP class, also claiming his 1/8 touring GP overall champion for the series as well. Overall summary on this championship. XRAY dominated all rounds of the series and targeted to be the ultimate team for FEMCA 2008. A special thanks goes to XRAY for the very high quality of the products. A pat on the back for Team XRAY Malaysia for the tremendous wonderful teamwork.

Emeel Set-up sheet.
Baha Winning Set-up sheet.