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Race report by Manuel Singer
Austrian Championships: Second Race & Victory for Manuel Singer


On Saturday afternoon we were at the race track early as the afternoon forecast called for rain. Unfortunately the setup did not function as we had hoped, but luckily - along with the others from Team XRAY - we worked together and the situation changed quickly. Even though we had not achieved the lap times we wanted, we were happy as the car ran soundly and we had the perfect car for the finale. By evening, it was finally time to begin and we could start the first preliminary round, which, despite the rain, none of the top drivers disputed.


After a large breakfast, my father and I headed back to the track, looking forward to a day of racing. We were able to start the second preliminary round in dry weather, but the track lacked traction and slowed us down. In the third run, my car ran dependably well (as usual) but due to a driving mistake I made in the last lap I was only able to qualify for the fourth starting position in the finale.

Here was the starting lineup for the finale race:

1. Kandlhart, Gerhart
2. Klausner, Michael
3. Pittner, Martin - XRAY NT1
4. Singer, Manuel - XRAY NT1

5. Katzmayer, Jochen
6. Jelinek, Mario
7. Ernst, Horst-Reinhardt
8. Tomaschko, Daniel
9. Mayerhofer, Stefan
10. Baumgartner, Gernot

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We knew our chances for the 45min finale were good as we had minimal tire wear as well as our petrol-saving RB motor. After the start, Klausner and Kandlhart were able to get away from the rest of the drivers while Martin Pittner - up and coming driver of the year and a fellow XRAY colleague - and
I engaged in a fair duel. As I moved past Pittner and towards the main group, I spotted Tomaschko coming up from behind. Tomaschko, with very fast lap times in a short period, pushed ahead and began to aim for the two leading drivers. I continued to drive my laps steadily and casually with the intent to bide my time and see what would happen in the next 40 minutes. And quite a lot happened! First, Tomaschko did have a significant lead but that changed. Second, numerous problems occurred for the second-place driver (Kandlhart), and third, there were problems for Klausner as well, whose time was just barely behind my own. I thank and credit my dependable XRAY for my victory. Martin Pittner rolled into second place again.

Second race, second double victory!!!



4. KLAUSNER Michael
5. KANDLHART Gerhard
6. JELINEK Mario
8. BERGER Hermann
10. ERNST Horst-Reinhardt

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