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Race report by Concialdi Basile
Round 4 of the French Championship was held on June 13-15 in the city of Besancon. The 80 drivers (spread amongst National and Elite classes) suffered through cloudy, rainy weather on Sunday during finals. The track was a 1/10 IC track: very technical, small straights with a parabolic turn, and good adhesion with average tire wear.

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Qualification - National:

Among four, qualifications took place on dry track and it was Maxime Favrelle who seized the pole position again with a best of 17 laps @ 5:05.12, follow Roman Jaureguy, Anthony Bruyer and Stéphane Raquin who had his best performance in French Championship. The NT1 was the most representative in the championship.

Qualification - Elite:

Basile Concialdi seized the pole position with a small lead on Arnaud Chaussard, followed by Thomas Eytard (three XRAY NT1 cars). Mickaël Pontal was the last one to qualify directly into the final.

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Main Final - National:

The final took place on a wet track, and all were provided with tire "caps." It was a good start with Philippe Michel and Stéphane Raquin in front. Maxime Favrelle, Philippe Michel and Frédéric Bourillon were outstanding, but the leader would be the one who made the fewest mistakes. All were very concentrated on driving fast and well, but the track conditions made for difficult racing. Frédéric Bourillons was doing his best (after all, the championship was at stake) whereas Maxime Favrelle made some mistakes which benefited Jean-Philippe Michel who took 2nd place on the podium! A happy Stéphane Raquin finished 4th! Frédéric Bourillon's magnificent victory crowned him the French National Champion of 2008 before the end of the championship series. Frédéric was very happy and deeply touched at having won the title.

National Class results:
1. Bourrillon Frédéric
2. Michel Jean-Philippe
3. Favrelle Maxime - XRAY NT1
4. Raquin Stéphane - XRAY NT1
5. Limousin Brice - XRAY NT1
6. Reynaud Julien - XRAY NT1
7. Gouriau Aurélien - XRAY NT1

8. Vallomi Mathieu
9. Jaureguy Romain
10. Bruyer Anthony - XRAY NT1

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podium National Class
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Main Final - Elite:

With the agreement of all finalists, the final on this wet track was reduced to 30 minutes, a wise decision considering the conditions of the track. At the start, Basile Concialdi took the lead and never looked back, in spite of the constant threat of Mickaël Pontal under the wet conditions. Arnaud
Chaussard remained strong took 3rd place, consolidating the leadership of the French Championship. Jacky Mouton, in a battle with Thomas Desmaries, finished 5th. A well-deserved victory for Basile Concialdi. Congratulations!

Elite Class results:
1. Concialdi Basile - XRAY NT1
2. Pontal Mickaël
3. Chaussard Arnaud - XRAY NT1
4. Desmaries Thomas
5. Mouton Jacky
6. Eytard Thomas - XRAY NT1
7. Warembourg Fabien
8. N'Diaye Cyril - XRAY NT1
9. Derderian Michaël
10. Kalaris Mathias

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podium Elite Class
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Sportsman Frédéric Bourillon became the 2008 champion and is anxious to thank all his sponsors - in particular E.Aita for his technical support. Team RB congratulates Frédéric with a particular mention on the high caliber of his personality: focused, comfortable, not letting the lead go to his head. a great combination in a driver which is appreciated!

In "Elite", Basile realized his vision. leading in qualifications and final. Arnaud Chaussard still retains the leadership of the championship, so all will be decided in the last round.

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Concialdi Basile Winning Set-up sheet.

Thomas Eytard Set-up sheet.