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Race report by Roufosse Stephane
Luxemburg is one of the most beautiful tracks of Europe, and we were very happy to run the fourth Belgian national championship there. The weather was about 20°C. I ran in the SuperStock class with a 10.5 LRP X11 Stock motor; the track was very fast and long so I used a long drive ratio (78x30), and my car setup was very close to the basic setup.

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Benoit Thomaes T2'008
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In EFRA, Benoit Thomaes was the only one to reach 16 laps at 5:20.039. In SuperStock, I took TQ with 14 laps at 5:00.117. Renaud Gysembergh was 2nd
with 14 laps at 5:03.547.

In EFRA, Benoit Thomaes won all final rounds with a best time of 16 laps at
In SuperStock, I won final rounds with a best time of 15 laps at 5:12.916.
Renaud Gysembergh finished in 3rd place with 15 laps at 5:15.706.

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Stephane Roufosse T2'008
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Overall ranking:
1. Tomaes Benoit XRAY T2'008
2. Demsey Jacob
3. Jespers Patrick
4. Henriet Manuel
5. Weyers Nick
6. Bultynck Olivier
7. Joosens Nick
8. Martens Giovanni
9. Hoes Steve
10.Meurs Niels

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XRAY driver Benoit Thomaes
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1. Roufosse Stephane XRAY T2'008
2. Swijsen Urbain
3. Gysembergh Renaud XRAY T2'008
4. Brouwer Rick
5. Claeys Rico
6. Van de Borre Andy
7. Stockman Thomas
8. Neys Pasquinel
9. Santy Pascal
10.Friedmann Michel XRAY T2'008

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