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Race report by Brennan Ralls
This last Sunday the 6th of July was round 5 of the Bowtie summer series held at DRT near the Dartford crossing in the UK.

The track would be challenging due to a recent national event being held only a week or so back so surface was very rough. The forecast was for rain & showers at points but the wind was more an issue as it was blowing the dust direct into your face. The surface was very hard baked in places but very dusty but this was to eventually clear to give a good level of grip. Heat format would be 10 minute qualifiers consisting of 3 rounds & your best 2 to count.

For myself was a good opportunity to test so ran two cars back to back in separate heats which was in itself hard to keep the cars prepped but gave valuable feed back under race conditions. My fuel economy gave me ten minute runs in the qualifying with this & a steady pace TQ'd all three rounds. The other XRAY drivers in Ricky Burnett, Jim birch & Jason Dixon all drove well showing good pace to gain a 1,2,3 & 5 in qualifying for the team.

For the final the dust had cleared from the line to give good grip but the bumps & holes were large so consistency was the key rather than speed to get a result in the final. With the drop of the flag in the main a clean start by most of the team allowed a good race. For myself I led from start to finish stretching my lead to 2 laps by the end of the 20 minutes. Ricky & Jason held 2nd & 3rd for most of the race with some errors enforced by the demanding track allowed Reece into second & denying the team of a full podium. With the main final almost a total XRAY affair the XB808 has proven a winner for all.

1. Brennan Ralls XRAY XB808
2. Reece Ashby
3. Ricky Burnett XRAY XB808
4. Jason Dixon XRAY XB808
5. Jim Birch XRAY XB808

6. Brian McGinty
7. Chris Howe XRAY XB808
8. Howard Elston
9. Steve Webb XRAY XB808
10. Ronnie Hay XRAY XB8EC
11. Jason Hurley XRAY XB8

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Brennan Ralls Winning Set-up sheet.