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Race report by Martini Francesco
The fourth and final trial of the Four Track Trophy was held in Florence. The layout, which went through an improvement, showed itself quite amusing giving life to exciting duels.

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Stock Class
Since the first qualification, Furelli at first came out with his new T2'008 and made it clear that it would be difficult to stay ahead of him. He was followed by Giannozzi and the always-prepared Berlincioni who is always quite fast in this category.

The three category ended with Furelli ahead, followed by Giannozzi and Berlincioni. The finals are dominated by the usual Furelli who imposed an unattainable race rhythm for the pursuers.

The final classification was the following:
1 Furelli Sergio XRAY T2'008
2 Giannozzi Fabrizio
3 Berlincioni Matteo
4 Borgogni Tiziano
5 Vangi Emiliano
6 Lazzeretti Maurizio
7 Lazzerini Maurizio

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10.5 Class
Even here, things were quite clear from the first qualification that Martini would be the one to catch. In the second and third finals the tune did not change and Martini chalked up a track record not only over the 5 minutes but also over the fastest run, lowering it from 12.970 to 12.810 seconds.

We have to point out the good performance of Vignolini who was running with a 2006 model T2. Despite the fact that he has only practiced this hobby for a short time, he is able to finish in 2nd place, leaving behind more experienced pilots like Fabiani and Pasquini.

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The first final was won by Martini who got an even better lap time (12.714sec) followed by Fabiani and Vignolini, followed closely by Pasquini who looked to have finally resolved his setup problems.

The second final was won again by Martini. Behind him was an enthusiastic duel between Pasquini and Fabiani and Vignoli.

In the third final, the race was still undecided for 2nd and 3rd positions, with three pilots having a shot at those positions.

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Martini took off and Vignoli this time was able to get a little margin on his pursuers and besides closing in on 2nd place was making his best performance. being able to make 23 laps along with Martini. He was followed by Pasquini and Fabiani.

Final classification:

1 Martini Francesco XRAY T2'008
2 Vignolini Gabriele XRAY T2

3 Fabiani Mauro
4 Pasquini Paolo XRAY T2'008
5 Biagini Gianfranco XRAY T2'007
6 Dori Francesco XRAY T2'008
7 Rossi Marco XRAY T2'008

8 D'ottavio Simone
9 Innocenti Alessandro
10 Cappelli Andrea XRAY T2'008

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This being the last trial for the trophy, there was also the distribution of prizes for the Stock category: Furelli won with his XRAY T2\'008, Giannozzi was 2nd, and Lazzerini was 3rd. In the 10.5 class, Martini won, Dori was 2nd, and Pasquini was 3rd. all with XRAY T2\'008 cars.

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Martini Francesco Winning Set-up sheet.

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