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Round 2 of the Italian Nationals was hosted at the fast track of Montecchio Maggione on July 13, 2008. There weren't as many drivers compared to round 1, but all the best were there to fight for the championship title of 2008. Qualifing heats on Saturday showed that the XRAY NT1 cars were really working great on the track.

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In the F1 class, Barbera (XRAY NT1, Sirio, ATS) got the TQ and Giorgio de Felici (XRAY NT1, Max, Enneti) was 2nd after qualifying; both were driving superbly with their XRAY NT1 cars. Gentile and Costanzo ended up in 3rd and 4th places.

In F2, two XRAY drivers also got the best positions: Zagni Marco (XRAY NT1, Max, Enneti) and Simone Mencarelli (XRAY NT1, Max, Enneti).

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On Sunday after semi-final, four other XRAY NT1 drivers got into the final, showing the exceptional reliability and performance of the XRAY NT1 and making a total of 6 cars racing the main event.

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F1 podium
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At the start, Guido Barbera and De Felici were setting the pace, while young driver De Pasquale had a bad start but got up into 3rd place. Barbera was showing his usual smooth driving style which gave him really low tyre wear. De Felici had to stop for a fast change but this cost to him the podium. Barbera won the final by over 2 laps on De Pasquale (XRAY NT1, Max, Matrix) and Giovanni Crea (XRAY NT1, Nova, xceed)

F1 final results:

1° Barbera Guido XRAY NT1
2° De Pasquale Antonio XRAY NT1
3° Crea Giovanni XRAY NT1
4° De Felici Giorgio XRAY NT1
5° Calce Domenico XRAY NT1

6° Gentile Umberto
7° Costanzo Christian
8° Colombo Luca XRAY NT1
9° Spiniello Mario
10°Gilletti Raimondo

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F2 podium
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In F2 class, Zagni Marco (XRAY NT1) dominated the final and won ahead of Mencarelli Simone.

F2 final results:

1° Zagni Marco XRAY NT1
2° Mencarelli Simone XRAY NT1

3° Magno Giustino
4° Pizzo Oscar
5° Pezzotta Alessandro XRAY NT1
6° Colombo Riccardo XRAY NT1
7° Caminita Francesco XRAY NT1

8° Tiberio Ermes
9° Pezzetti Nicola XRAY NT1
10° Lombrosi Federico

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Barbera Guido & Marco Zagni
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