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The annual BRCA Juniors event was held at Bedworth on the 19th/ 20th July 2008. The meeting covered Stock (27T) and Pro-stock (19T/10.5T) for U12, U14 and U17. In all there were 10 heats covering 5 main classes. XRAY dominated the Juniors and took the top honours in all but U14 Stock where they achieved 2nd and the U17 stock where XRAY didn\'t compete.

Following intermittent showers on the Saturday the weather was forecast for the Sunday was dry. The day started with rain part way through the first qualifier and whilst the earlier heats had a dry run the later heats were on wet tyres slowing the pace. After this the weather remained overcast with occasional sunshine, but with the ever present threat of showers. The format of the meeting was FTD with 3 rounds of qualification and 2 finals.

Practice went well on the Saturday with a good turn out and some good times were being achieved in all classes. The meeting is a family friendly one and with many choosing to camp over night and join in the Saturday night \"race night\" in the local Rugby club; it turned into a good social event also - especially for the parents!

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Round 1
Rain started part way through the morning meaning some had a dry run and some were on wets. Young Charlie Ware set the early pace in the U14 stock taking the win and the sole stock car to squeeze in 18 laps with Michael Lee 2nd. Luke Thompson placed his car in 2nd place in the U14 pro-stock with Ayrton Anderson in 4th. Other highlights were Elliott Harper taking the win in the U17 pro-stock on wets with 17 laps and Alistair Graham in 2nd place.

Round 2
The 2nd round was more stable with rain staying away. In the U12 stock Chloe got 6th her best qualifying place, whilst in the same heat Jake Young took the U12 stock win after a great run. In U14 stock Michael Lee put in his best qualifying time to take the win. Ayrton Anderson had a similar good run to win his 2nd round in U14 pro stock with Elliott Harper again taking the win in the U17 class.

Round 3
This round again was dry and provided everyone with an opportunity to really tune in their cars. Luke Lee achieved 3rd, his best qualifying position, whilst in U14 Luke Thompson came back with a 2nd place after a non start in round 2 and Ayrton followed up in 3rd place. In the U17 class, Elliott Harper pulled away and set a new track record! with 20 in 306.89 to take FTD and pole position, with Cameron Macdonald posting a 6th.

At the end of qualification, in U12 stock, Luke Lee was 3rd on the grid, Jake Young 5th and Chloe Anderson took 8th place. Charlie took pole in the U14 - stock with Michael lee in 2nd place. U14 prostock - Luke Thompson took 2nd Ayrton Anderson 4th, Elliott sat on pole in U17 prostock with Ali Graham 4th.

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Again the finals were both dry.

U12 Stock, The XRAY T2'008 (#XR300011) of Jake Young secured a 3rd and followed up with an improved 2nd place to win the U12 stock class. Luke Lee took a 5th and 3rd to secure 3rd place overall and Chloe Anderson worked hard to achieve a 6th and 9th finishing 8th overall.

U14 Stock, Michael Lee took the win in the first race and a 3rd in the 2nd race gave him 2nd overall. Charlie ware had a bad 1st race, but recovered with a 2nd place in the 2nd final finishing 5th overall.

U14 Prostock, Ayrton Anderson had a great race in the first outing and won. This was followed up by a 2nd giving Ayrton the U14 Prostock title for 2008. Luke Thompson didn't quite mange to show his talents finishing in 7th place.

U17 Prostock Elliott Harper took the win in both finals beating the track record he set in round 3 during the 2nd run with 20 laps in 306.69. Ali Graham in his last Juniors event made 4th.

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In the end every one attending was a winner with many prizes and free handouts from the sponsoring distributors. Mirage donated many prizes and handed out special packs for XRAY drivers on the day. Overall a very enjoyable meeting, once again demonstrating the young on road driving talent in the UK!


1 Elliott Harper - XRAY T2'008

2 Liam Brooks
3 Tom Watts
4 Alistair Graham - XRAY T2'008
5 Andrew Low
6 Adam White
7 Daniel Horton
8 Cameron Macdonald
9 Jordan Owen
10 Oliver Pearce


1 Ayrton Anderson - XRAY T2'008
2 Sam Clifton
3 Ryan Edwards
4 Zak Smith
5 Jordan Mckulsky - XRAY T2'008
6 Thomas Graham
7 Luke Thompson - XRAY T2'008
8 Josh Castle
9 Andrew Langham-servi
10 Thomas Bird


1 Craig Campbell - XRAY T2'008
2 Michael Lee - XRAY T2'008

3 Connor Danes
4 Daniel Barford
5 Charlie Ware - XRAY T2'008
6 Mitch Hadley
7 Jack Gayler
8 Jordan Nicholson


1 Jake Young - XRAY T2

2 Ben Mannell
3 Luke Lee - XRAY T2'008
4 Ashley Caunt
5 Kyle Marrows
6 Zak Finlay
7 James Daman
8 Chloe Anderson - XRAY T2'008
9 Nathan Winyard
10 Peter Vater

Elliott Harper Winning Set-up sheet.