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Race report by Jerome Renaux
Round 4 of the 1/10th 200mm Belgian National Championship was held last weekend at Roeselare, a beautiful track where the first European Championship B race was held last year.

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My car in action
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The qualifiers were awful for me; I was not able to finish one of them and I could not find a good setup for my car. In the last qualification, I decided to take off the solid axle and put a diff. It was better, and I was confident for the semi-final.

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Jonathan Sanza â€s car in action
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In the top 4 qualifiers, Jonathan Sanza was able to easily take the pole position with his XRAY. Steve lambrechts and Hugues Yerna (also with XRAY) took 3rd and 4th positions.

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Part of Team XRAY
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I was in last position on the grid. After a good start, I was able to take the lead after 5 minutes. I finished the semi-final with two laps up on the 2nd place car.

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The T1 podium
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I was number five on the grid. Jonathan Sanza had a good start and he remained in the lead for the entire final. After 5 minutes I was in 2nd place just behind Sanza. I was able to follow his car but not pass him. I finish only 3 seconds behind him; he drive a great race.

T1 Results:

1. Jonathan Sanza XRAY NT1
2. Jerome Renaux XRAY NT1

3. Maarten Kempeneers
4. Michel Tomagra XRAY NT1
5. Manuel Henriet
6. Steve Lambrechts XRAY NT1
7. Hugues Yerna XRAY NT1
8. Stephane Roufosse XRAY NT1

9. Bert Aerts
10. Yves Zoma XRAY NT1

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The T2 podium
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XRAY also won in the T2 category at the hands of Renaud Gysembergh.

The T2 podium:
1. Renaud Gymsembergh XRAY NT1
2. Maxim Claes
3. Thiery Lenearts XRAY NT1

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The 3 first XRAY in T1: Tomagra – Sanza - Renaux
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Jerome Renaux Set-up sheet.