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The Turf City 1/8 Off-Road Race was held on July 20, 2008 on a sunny & breezy day. The track was damp in the morning, becoming moderately dusty in the afternoon. Heats lasted 7 minutes, with 1-hour long A finals at the end.

The morning was damp, as rain had blessed the track the day before. Qualifying went smoothly with Team XRAY driver Glenn Phuah setting the early fast qualifying time of 9 laps @7.15. Not satisfied with his time, Glenn had guns blazing going into round two, and finished with 9 laps @ 7.08. Some careless mistakes and a drying track in round 3 meant that Glenn would not better his time and instead Kyosho driver Ben Seet did 9 laps @ 7.05 to clinch the TQ spot. Promising new XRAY 808 driver Daniel Lim showed some excellent driving to put him in 4th spot on the starting grid.

Starting order:

1. Ben Seet
2. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808
3. Joe Hwee
4. Daniel Lim XRAY XB808
5. Ah M
6. James Loke XRAY XB808
7. Ryu Goh
8. Dickson Lim
9. Faizal
10. Sunny Wong

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All said and done, XRAY drivers managed to put 3 drivers in the A-main, 1 in the B-main, and 3 in the C-main. Well-done guys!

The main final was set to start at 2:00PM; this was different since the main final was usually the last race of the day.
Early in the race Glenn Phuah and Daniel Lim showed some awesome driving and were in good lead pack position.
Glenn was in 1st position when he tangled with Ah M and eventually dropped to 5th. Running on vapour to catch up, Glenn had a flip and flamed out just before the line. This would prove costly as he spent most of the race trying to catch the lead pack again being 2 laps down. With just a couple of laps to go Glenn was hot on Joe Hwee’s tail for 3rd but Joe was still far away. Glenn had a stroke of luck when Joe suffered a flameout at the same spot, essentially handing the 3rd spot to Glenn. It was a very close final, being just 1 lap difference. Daniel Lim was in good contention but sadly broke a ball joint on the 38th lap.

Final standings:

1st Ben Seet
2nd Ah M
3rd Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808
4th Joe Hwee
5th Sunny Wong
6th James Loke XRAY XB808
7th Dickson Lim
8th Daniel Lim XRAY XB808
9th Faizal
10th Ryu Goh

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