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Race report by Suwardi Suliandy
Round 3 of the 2008 Indonesia 2008 EP Touring National Champhionship was held at the JITC Senayan track, using a smaller track which is more suitable for electric touring races. Traction was low as usual, and dusty. The organizer sprayed some sugar water before the race start to gain more traction.

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During qualifying, drivers tried to make fast and clean run as one mistake would throw you out of the Top 3 positions. We saw Suwardi, Didi and Dani make 15 laps together in Heat 2 with a spread of only 1 second from each other. During the Heats 2 & 3, Suwardi and Didi used a 5-cell battery combination, which proved to give a better result and on the car's handling. As for the final, both decided to use 5-cell batteries on their cars. Dani and Doddy stayed with 6-cell which gave them more top speed on the straight section.

Qualifications result:

1. Suwardi Suliandy XRAY T2'008
2. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T2'008
3. Dani XRAY T2'008
4. Doddy XRAY T2'008

5. Chandra
6. Imam Liyanto
7. Albert Afendy
8. Anthony S. W.
9. Ronald

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In the finals, Didi made a very good run with fast, clean and consistent driving... ultimately giving him the championship title. Suwardi took 2nd place and Dani took 3rd place.

Final Results:

1. Didi Kartanegara XRAY T2'008
2. Suwardi Suliandy XRAY T2'008
3. Dani XRAY T2'008

4. Albert
5. Imam Liyanto
6. Ronald
7. Chandra
8. Doddy XRAY T2'008
9. Anthony

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Team XRAY had very good results, clinching the top four positions in qualification and sweeping all the trophies. We hope we can keep this performance for the last series of our National Championship on August 24th.
Good job guys!