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Race report by Hugo Ragaut
Sallanches, APJSL club hosted the French Cup 2008. This beautiful track, located next to ‶Mont Blanc,※ is well suited to 1/10 electric cars with some interesting corners.

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Grip conditions steadily improved over the practice, and event days adding to the increased speeds seen throughout the weekend. After the initial practice, I knew my car had an awesome pace. The setup was very good with both new and old tyres. I was able to continue this during the 6 qualification rounds to secure pole position for the finals. Patrick Miltat, the second XRAY driver in the ‶A main,※ qualified in 7th position.

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In the finals my XRAY T2’008 was super fast. I had fairly untroubled races in the finals which let me take the win in the first two finals. With such a good car I managed to make a ‶no mistake race※ and take the victory. The car always stayed well balanced with good traction and a lot of cornering speed.
Patrick Miltat finished the race in 6th position.

Final Top 10:
1 RAGAUT Hugo XRAY T2’008
2 THREHOUT Aurélien
4 JASMIN Michael
5 N'DIAYE Cyril
6 MILTAT Patrick T2’008
7 BEINING Olivier
9 DUSART Alexandre
10 URBAIN Lucas