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Danish Championship round 5 was held in Naestved NMRC racing which did a great job getting the track ready for the event.

Morning practice was held in wet conditions, so not many cars were on the track that time. The weather forecast was good for the rest of the day. The club used some sawdust on the wet spots on the track, and the track was ready for racing.

This was my very first race of buggy so I did not know much about tires for these conditions or set-up. But with very good help by my good friend and team mate Peter Harder I was able to get up to speed quickly for qualification.

The next thing was the semi-final and I was starting from position 3 and I took over the lead. Also in my semi were other XRAY guys like Rune Gustavsen and Peter Harder… both very fast guys. Rune and I battled for the lead, and Peter was also fast but he had some problems at the start so he was not able to battle for anything in the final. He did well and made the final; I won and Rune was in 2nd place.

The other semi was won by Thomas Mikkelsen who was fast and driving well.

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The final was up and I was starting from the pole position. Rune was in 3rd and Peter was 7th. I lead the first lap but a mistake on the first jump put me into last place. Peter Harder had very good speed and was very fast, and he took the lead. I made my way back up into 2nd place then I starting making mistakes. Peter was now in the lead by over 1/2 a lap. But after 27 minutes his car broke down then I retook the lead, putting about a 1 lap lead on now. In the last 5 minutes I was overtaken by Steffen Clumsee who was also very fast with a CEN/RB combination. Because I had one pit stop more than him, he was in lead by 4 seconds but then he had problems with another car within 3 laps of the finish and he lost the lead. Steffen and I were battling for the lead on the last 2 laps; on the last lap I overtook him on a jump and took the win.

Final results:
1. Martin Lissau XRAY XB808
2. Steffen Clumsee
3. Jan D. Hansen
4. Lars Alex
5. Kim Petersen
6. Michael Kart
7. Rune Grustavsen XRAY XB808
8. Thomas Mikkelsen
9. Tim Clumsee
10. Peter Harder XRAY XB808

Martin Lissau
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