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The German XRAY Nitromasters was held on Sept 6/7 in Albertshofen near WĂĽrzburg.
Fifty-four drivers made it to the new track to compete in the Truggy and Buggy classes

Due to heavy rain, the track was in a very bad condition on Saturday oo only a few drivers went out for practice. Unfortunately the rain didn’t stop until Sunday morning, so the decision was made to run only 2 qualifiers.

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The Buggy class was dominated by the XRAY drivers Ralf Bauer, Tobias Kettemer, Udo Stafflinger and Phillip MĂĽller. In Truggy class, Bernd Langbein and Florian Laux set the fastest times. The weather changed and the sun came out for the finals.

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Flo's XT8
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Buggy final
The buggy final was very close with the first 5 cars within a 10-second span. Thomas SĂĽĂźmuth took the lead in the first corner, followed by the other cars within a short distance. With only 2 laps to go Thomas made a little mistake and allowed Dominik Holzmann to pass him and take the win.

Buggy results:

1. Dominic Holzmann (XRAY XB808)
2. Thomas SĂĽĂźmuth (XRAY XB808)
3. Ralf Bauer (XRAY XB808)
4. Udo Stafflinger (XRAY XB808)
5. Christian Krieger (XRAY XB808)
6. Bastian Reimer (XRAY XB808)
7. Andreas Vierheilig (XRAY XB808)
8. Phillip MĂĽller (XRAY XB808)

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Truggy final
In the Truggy final, Florian Laux was unable to hold his first starting place due to clutch problems. Thomas Grosser overtook Florian and took the win. Bernd Langbein encountered problems and finished 10th.

Truggy results:

1. Thomas Grosser (XRAY XT8)
2. Florian Laux (XRAY XT8)

3. Benjamin Doleschal

A big ‶Thank you※ goes out to the organizers who made a very good job at their first race.

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