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XRAY NT1 drivers dominated the 1:10 Scale 2008 DM in Hamm. For three days the drivers battled for the German Championship.

Official timed practice was held on Friday, and in the evening there was the AMC Hamm evening event. Saturday started off with a wet race track, so quick lap times could be had after the track had dried out a bit after lunch break. All drivers had two chances to put themselves in the finals. Dirk Wischnewski was TQ with 23 laps, and local hero Sebastian BĂĽrge was the only other driver to make 23 laps as well.

Direct qualified after 4 heats:
1. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY NT1
2. Sebastian BĂĽrge
3. Rene PĂĽpke
4. Frederik SĂĽdhof

In the semi-finals, some XRAY drivers demonstrated great skills and climbed the ranks:

Robert Pietsch XRAY NT1
Ralf Krause XRAY NT1
Benjamin Schumann XRAY NT1

Andreas Giesa
Teemu Saarinnen
Dirk Stammler

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In the semi-finals, some other skilled drivers had to say goodbye to their racing companions as their results were not as expected (e.g., Michael Salven, Karl-Heinz Meister, Markus Mobers, etc.).
The finale was a demonstration. At the front, Dirk set the pace and drove like clockwork, leaving little doubt as to who would take the title. Behind him, his colleagues struggled for front running spots.

After a long 40-minute race the results were as follows:
1. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY NT1
2. Ralf Krause XRAY NT1
3. Robert Pietsch XRAY NT1
4. Benjamin Schumann XRAY NT1

5. Sebastian BĂĽrge
6. Rene PĂĽpke
7. Frederik SĂĽdhof
8. Andreas Giesa
9. Teemu Saarinnen
10. Frederik SĂĽdhof
11. Dirk Stammler

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Dirk Wischnewski and Ralf Krause used the new engines ORCAN/NOVAROSSI LR3 OA with MH Tuning. Their pipe was an ORCAN OA 1910, and for fuel they ran ORCAN OF 16 %. AS. Robert Pietsch used a NOVAROSSI 353 RACE.12 TUNED.

In the VG 1:10 235mm class, Dominik Mayer got the title of the Youth German Champion with a converted XRAY NT1.

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