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Race report by Jerome Renaux
The sixth and final round of the 1/10th 200mm Belgian National Championship was held recently at the MRCC track in Charleroi (again). Like for Luxembourg this race was quite exceptionally in that during the three days there were many classes running together: 1/8 (F1 & F2), 1/10 (T1 & T2) and 1/10 235mm.

I was not able to come Friday for the practice sessions, but was not disadvantaged much due to rain most of the day.

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My car in action
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On Saturday, the weather was dry but really cold. The track had a very low grip. There was one practice heat before the 2 qualifications of the day. For the practice I decided to use the setup I ran in winning the prior race at this track. The car felt good, but had a little bit of understeer in the long corners. With a quick change of springs on the front suspension, the handling improved and I was able to set the fastest time in the 2 qualifications of the day. There was still a third qualifier scheduled for Sunday morning but the weather forecast was predicting foul weather.

In fact the Sunday weather was really bad with a lot of rain and wind. So I prepared my car with a rain setup and hoped for no technical issues due to weather for the final.

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T1 Top four qualifiers:
1. Renaux Jerome XRAY NT1
2. Henriet Manuel
3. Sanza Jonathan XRAY NT1
4. Tomagra Michel XRAY NT1

T1 final:
I had a good start and was able to quickly get an advantage over the other drivers. The car was not easy to drive so I tried to not make a mistake. After 15minutes, I had a lap ahead of the second so I continued to drive carefully. Stephane Roufosse droive a great final with no mistake and was able to finish second, two laps behind me.

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Stephane Roufosse’s car
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T1 results:
1. Renaux Jerome XRAY NT1
2. Roufosse Stephane XRAY NT1

3. Henriet Manuel
4. Sanza Jonathan XRAY NT1
5. Kempeneers Maartem
6. Tomagra Michel XRAY NT1
7. Aerts Bert
8. Tebaldi Marc XRAY NT1
9. Zoma Yves XRAY NT1

10. Vonsters Guy

In the T2 final, Donato Vazza drive a good final and took the win ahead of two other XRAY drivers Emmanuel Moureau and Renaud Gysenbergh.

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Renaud Gysenbergh likes grease
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T2 results:
1. Vazza donato XRAY NT1
2. Moureau Emmanuel XRAY NT1
3. Gysenbergh Renaud XRAY NT1
4. De Smet Jonathan XRAY NT1

5. Claes Maxim
6. Wouter Satyn
7. Charlier Christophe XRAY NT1
8. Lemaerts Thiery XRAY NT1

9. Lambert Christophe

After this race, I’m officially this season’s Belgian champion. I had also won the title last year, but this season was more difficult with some really good drivers in the championship.

With 3 victories and 2 seconds place, my first season with XRAY is really great. I never had a technical problem during a final the entire season. The car was fast on every track and always easy to drive.
I would like to thank XRAY, JP racing and Wartelle-shop for their great support this season.

Thanks also to SJ Racing Car for their support during the races.

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T1 Final Championship results:

1. Jerome Renaux XRAY NT1

2. Manuel Henriet
3. Jonathan Sanza XRAY NT1

T2 Final Championship results:

1. Maxime Claes
2. Renaud Gysenbergh XRAY NT1
3. Donato Vazza XRAY NT1

See you on the track in 2009.

Regards, Jerome Renaux

Thanks to Nicolas Delise for the pictures.