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The 2008 season has been very exciting with the first round held in Blagnac, south of France where we usually find sun and blue sky but it was not the case this time for the ‶Elite※ final as the track was wet ! Arnaud Chaussard was TQ but it is the local driver Thomas Desmaries who won. The XRAY/RB team mates, Thomas Eytard and Arnaud Chaussard secured good results with 2nd and 3rd on the podium anyway.

Final results:
1. Thomas Desmaries
2. Thomas Eytard XRAY NT1
3. Arnaud Chaussard XRAY NT1
4. Basile Concialdi XRAY NT1

5. Nicolas Bougnoteau
6. Jacky Mouton
7. Mickael Derderian
8. Mickael Pontal
9. Joeffriy Defie
10. Thomas Guillon XRAY NT1

Elite podium R1

In ‶National※ category, Frederic Bourillon won and everybody felt the potential of this young driver.

National podium R1

-Second round in Vichy (center of France near Clermont-Ferrand) :
The Xray team drivers put in a very strong performance, with TQ for Thomas Eytard and a great victory for Arnaud Chaussard. Thomas Eytard is very fast with his new combination of NT1/RB R3RC/ SpeedLine tires and his results have never been so good!

Basile Concialdi secured a very good second place behind Arnaud who now becomes the leader of the French championship.

1. A. Chaussard XRAY NT1
2. B. Concialdi XRAY NT1

3. R. Monin
4. M. Derderian
5. Michaël Pontal
6. Jacky Mouton
7. Thomas Eytard XRAY NT1
8. Nicolas Bougnoteau
9. Thomas Desmaries
10. Joffroy Defie

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Elite podium R2
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In the National category, Maxime, the young brother of Franck Favrelle (famous driver 1/8 in the nineties) won the race with great talent just in front of Frédéric Bourillon who now becomes the leader of the championship.

1. Maxime Favrelle XRAY NT1
2. Frederic Bourrillon
3. J-Philippe Michel
4. Romain Jaureguy
5. Yannick Lesserteur XRAY NT1
6. Artur Leclercq XRAY NT1
7. Kevin Rasquin XRAY NT1

8. Thomas Correard
9. Aurelien Gouriau
10. Jean- Baptiste Geneau

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National podium R2
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-The third round was held in Brest (Bretagne) on a superb track.
Arnaud Chaussard was TQ again and won the 45 minute final even with his second speed spur gear broken during the final. His very reliable RB R3RC engine did not suffer and let Arnaud’s NT1 cross the finish line still a couple of seconds in front of Michael Derderian.

1 Arnaud Chaussard XRAY NT1
2 Michaël Derdérian
3 Mathieu Wullyamoz
4 Jacky Mouton
5 Thomas Eytard XRAY NT1
6 Eric Sautereau XRAY NT1

7 Thomas Desmaries
8 Joffrey Defie
9 Mickael Pontal
10 Basile Concialdi XRAY NT1

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Elite podium R3
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After the final, lot of drivers were very surprised that the RB R3RC engine was still ok although it ran the last 10 minutes on 1st gear! Another great victory of the package XRAY NT1/RB/SpeedLine tires!
Thomas Eytard finished in 5th position and Basile Concialdi was not into the final this time, due to a problem during the semi final.

One more time, the Marseilles driver, Frédéric Bourillon won the final, just in front of Alexandre Basset and Maxime Favrelle with his Xray NT1.

1 Frédéric Boutillon
2 Maxime Favrelle XRAY NT1
3 Alexandre Basset
4 Bruno Turbo XRAY NT1
5 Christophe Combes
6 Aurélien Gouriau
7 Romain Jaureguy
8 Brice Limousin XRAY NT1
9 KĂ©vin Laget
10 Anthony Bruyer

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National podium R3
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-Next round was held in Besançon (middle east of France) at one of the oldest track in France.
The final was run on a wet track and Arnaud Chaussard preferred to secure a good podium result with the 3rd place. Basile Concialdi who was TQ, ran a super final to take the win. In the standings, Arnaud and Basile are now very close for the championship and the last round will decide who is 2008 champion…

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Elite podium R4
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Another great victory for Frédéric Bourillon who won the 4th round and is definitively 2008 French champion before the last 5th round ! Congratulation!

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National podium R4
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-5th and last round was in Manspach on a very small track with lot of corners and a small straight. The asphalt is very nice, with high grip. The wear of the tires could become an isue, 45 minutes could certainly be a problem.
It rained cats and dogs on the whole Saturday and the club decided to make qualifications on Sunday morning where Arnaud Chaussard was TQ with a powerfull NT1/RB R3RC package!
Next up was the 45 minute final, and the Elite 2008 champion will be known in few minutes. Reliability, strategy and no mistake-free driving will determine the champion with the standings very close between the points leaders,Arnaud and Basile. One more time, the RB R3RC engine was able to re-fuel later than others and avoided 1 extra pit stop. Basile was obliged to replace all the tires (front and rear both) as Arnaud replaced only the rear ones and so saved a lot of time in his pit stops. Arnaud used this advantage and secured his leader position until the end of the 45 minutes race securing the win and the 2008 Elite French championship. Basile is vice, congratulation to these two drivers!

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Elite podium R5
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The national podium is 100% XRAY NT1 with the very nice victory of the young driver, Anthony Bruyer.

Final results:

1. Anthony Bruyer XRAY NT1
2. Aurélien Gouriau XRAY NT1
3. Bruno Turbo XRAY NT1

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National podium R5
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The XRAY team drivers made very good results this season, congratulations !
8 TQ and 7 victories for NT1 car on the 2008 French championship & Cup : it is the best results we have ever seen!

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‶We would like to thank all the XRAY drivers and RB Products company, especially the Nitro Touring team manager Eric AITA for the super job (support, logistic, friendship on tracks with great reports during the whole season) they made of this season the best season ever made in the national championship. Xray cover more than 60% of the cars used, the title and few TQ show the NT1 as the car to get. RB and Xray will work even harder for the next 2009 French season※ Juraj, Mario & Martin Hudy

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