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XRAY has been viewed as the highest quality touring car available since it entered the RC car scene in 2000. Now with a long and distinguished history of racing achievements and ground-breaking, award-winning innovations, XRAY is proud to now offers the T2'009. the most advanced RC touring car on the market today. a top-quality "no-compromise" engineering marvel designed to put you in the winners circle.

With the fast paced rule changes in touring car, the main focus of the
T2'009 has been to evolve & optimize. To take on what the world can offer and outperform all others under any racing conditions with any rules. Take your pick - asphalt, carpet, rubber or foam tires, NiMh or cutting edge LiPo batteries, high performance brushed or brushless motors - the T2'009 can handle them all and dominate the competition in the process. No extras needed. just a desire to win.

Pure design. Pure racing. Pure adrenaline.

Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy
Chief Engineer, XRAY

For more product info click here at XRAY T2 009.

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