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The opening race of Russian indoor season was held in Vladimir on October 24-26. A lot of drivers from different regions of Russia participated in this event.

For the first time at this event, we had some problems with overall traction. Due to common efforts our team we were able to quickly find the right setup for the conditions, and as a result we had TQ, fastest lap and overall victories in both stock and modified classes.

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This race was also interesting because it was the first race when LiPo batteries were allowed. Our team didn\'t have any problems with weight distribution or placing of batteries. The T2\'008 was perfect with LiPo.

In stock class team Xray driver Alexey Butuzov was the fastest from the first qualifying round to the end of the race. Moreover, he didn\'t give any chances to his competitors and finished in all finals one lap ahead of the field. Also Alexey showed a very fast lap time 11,2 sec in stock, while
the best time in modified class was 10,8 (also established by team Xray driver Artem Lopukhin).

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Alexey joined Team Xray this season and this was his first race with the T2\'008. Overall, Team Xray demonstrated very good preparedness for new season and expectations are high for the remaining races..

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Stock class final results A final:
1. Butuzov Alexey Xray T2'008 (TQ)
2. Larkin Roman
3. Filiya Alexey Xray T2'008
4. Halilov Anatoly Xray T2'008
5. Petrov Uriy
6. Smirnov Alexander
7. Ragozin Mikhail Xray T2'008
8. Grafichev Daniil
9. Udin Roman
10. Korolev Boris

Midified class final results A final:
1. Lopukhin Artem Xray T2'008 (TQ)
2. Zuykov Denis
3. Karpov Vitaly Xray T2'008
4. Trofimov Kirill
5. Piskunov Sergey Xray T2'008
6. Schupik Iliya Xray T2'008
7. Drenkov Eugeniy
8. Dyachenko Mikhail
9. Bogdanov Vladimir Xray T2'008
10. Lopukhov Andrey Xray T2'008

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Artem Lopukhin Set-up sheet.

Alexey Butuzov Set-up sheet.