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100 drivers took part in the second round of the prestigious XRAY Challenge winter series held at Kolin (CZ). All the Czech top drivers including Michal Bok (B final EURO Touring Series in Kastellaun and 2007 National Champion) along with a lot of new young talented drivers raced in qualification and finals for overall points toward winter series.

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1.Michal Nemecek XRAY T2'008
2.Michal Bok XRAY T2'008

3.Zdenek Hamák
4.Zdeno Kunak XRAY T2'008
5.Jiri Janousek XRAY T2'008
6.Petr Grof XRAY T2'008
7.Roman Korinek XRAY T2'008

8.Jimi Mara
9.Adam Dubak XRAY T2'008
10.Jakub Opa XRAY T2'008

Michal Bok was very unlucky this day and because of big technical issues he finished neither one of the final races. All the final races were dominated by Michal Nemecek, winnig all of the finals to secure the overall victory for this round.

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Final Results
1.Michal Nemecek XRAY T2'008

2.Zdenek Hamák
3.Zdeno Kunak XRAY T2'008
4.Petr Grof XRAY T2'008
5.Roman Korinek XRAY T2'008
6.Jiri Janousek XRAY T2'008

7.Jimi Mara
8.Jakub Opa XRAY T2'008
9.Adam Dubak XRAY T2'008
10.Michal Bok XRAY T2'008