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The Efra Grand Prix, another yearly event in Czech Republic , was once again held in Sport Center in Brandys nad Labem.

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There was not much grip on the 30 by 14 meters carpet track and many drivers found it difficult to decide how to set their car up for this track.

After 5 rounds of qualifying in both modified and stock classes the XRAY T2’009 was on top with drivers Michal Nemecek and Zdeno Kunak.

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In the mains, the battles on the track, especially in modified, got pretty rough and agressive. But both TQs stood up to the challenges and dominated their class in all 3 finals securing the wins for XRAY.

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Final Results of STOCK
1. Zdeno Kunak XRAY T2'009

2. Jakub Plechac
3. Christian Faur
4. Zbynek Fiser
5. Lukáš Gombik XRAY T2'008
6. Vojtech NovickĂ˝ XRAY T2'008

7. Alexander Naumov
8. Karel Hasse XRAY T2'008
9. David Čermák XRAY T2'008
10. Jakub Stepanek XRAY T2'008

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Final Results of MODIFIED

1. Michal Nemecek XRAY T2'009

2. Zdenek Hamak
3. Ivan Laptev
4. Michal Bok XRAY T2'009
5. Rajki Balint
6. Zdeno Kunak XRAY T2'009
7. Toni Rheinhard
8. Dennis Fadtke
9. Jiri Janousek XRAY T2'009
10. Gabor Forrai