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On saturday 29th November another one day race event was organised by M.M.O.R.C. at the Kordin Track In Malta, Europe .

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The excellent weather made for perfect conditions for racing and some of the best Maltese drivers turned up for the event.

This event was only for the buggy class in which the XRAY XB808 was very successful . From the early phases of the race it was clear that Jonathan Tonna and Duncan Compagnio with their XRAY XB808 were the men to beat on that day.

In their respective heats they were very consistent always finishing in the top places.

In the final there was a great battle between the top three which saw Jonathan Tonna finishing in the first place thanks to the flawless performance of the XB808 powered by Axe Rossi Engine and Roga fuel in the second place finished Twanny Borg and in the third place finished Duncan Compagnio who also drove an XRAY XB808 powered by Axe Rossi Engine a Roga Fuel. Once again XRAY proved their reputation of high quality durable products with unbelievable performance.

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Final Results
1 Jonathan Tonna XRAY XB808

2 Twanny Borg
3 Duncan Compagnion XRAY XB808
4 Lawrence Agius
5 Omar Xuereb XRAY XB808
6 Noel Barun XRAY XB808
7 Tony Seisun XRAY XB808

8 Vaniel Axisa