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The 6th and final round of the UISP Italian Championship was held on November 30 in Scandiato. As usual, the participation was large despite that two out of three titles had already been captured.

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In the Stock category, where the Italian UISP Championship went to XRAY T2â€008 driver Berlincioni, Andrea Retrivi imposed himself (and his XRAY T2â€008) over Zaffaroli Carlo and Andrea Salce.

Finishing order of the race – Stock:
1 Retrivi Andrea XRAY T2'008

2 Zaffaroni Carlo
3 Salce Alessandro
4 Govi Giulio XRAY T2'008
5 Barilli Bruno XRAY T2'006
6 Montefalchi Daniele XRAY T2'007

7 Davoli Michele
8 Borgogni Tiziano XRAY T2'007
9 Buzzelli Tommaso
10 Leoni Paolo XRAY T2'007

Final Championship order – Stock:
1 Berlincioni Matteo XRAY T2'008

2 Salce Alessandro
3 Govi GiulioXRAY T2
4 Barilli Bruno XRAY T2
5 Borgogni Tiziano XRAY T2

6 Davoli Michele
7 Zaffaroni Carlo
8 Dall'Oca Fabrizio
9 Retrivi Andrea XRAY T2'008
10 Ricci Giordano

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As far as the Sport category goes, where here the title has also already been won by Andrea Nerone (XRAY T2â€008), this time the races was won by Batisti Fabrizio (XRAY T2â€009) over Acquilino Andrea (T2â€008) and Samuele Romagnoli in 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Finishing order of the race – Sport:
1 Batisti Fabrizio XRAY T2'009
2 Aquilino Andrea XRAY T2'008

3 Romagnoli Samuele
4 Tenan Ivan XRAY T2'009
5 Bugan Ivan XRAY T2'008

6 Fabiani Mauro
7 Berselli Marco XRAY T2'007
8 Boni Cristian XRAY T2'008
9 Mazzini Marco XRAY T2'008

10 Ronchi Demetrio

Final Championship order – Sport:
1 Nerone Andrea XRAY T2'009
2 Magnocavallo Luca XRAY T2'008
3 Batisti Fabrizio XRAY T2'008
4 Aquilino Andrea XRAY T2'009
5 Pasquini Paolo XRAY T2'008

6 Romagnoli Samuele
7 Fabiani Mauro
8 Mazzini Marco
9 Furelli Sergio XRAY T2'008
10 Bugan Ivan XRAY T2'008

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The Mod category was the only category where the battle for the title still raged on. Running for the top spot were Francesco Martini (XRAY T2â€009) and Riccardo Rabitti (pilot of the house). Despite this being one of the last rounds all the stronger pilots were present. During the classification I could not do any better than 2nd place behind Rabitti but ahead of Frederico Sala.

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The finishing order of the race was a photocopy of the qualification order:
1 Rabitti Riccardo
2 Martini Francesco XRAY T2'009
3 Sala Frederico
4 Rabitti Davide
5 Donadelli Marco XRAY T2'008
6 Baldissarri Daniel
7 Torreggiani Luca XRAY T2'008
8 Fabiani Massimo
9 Mecugni Marco
10 Romagnoli Michele XRAY T2'009

Final Championship order – Mod:
1 Rabitti Riccardo
2 Martini Francesco XRAY T2'009
3 Sala Federico
4 Rabitti Davide
5 Rabitti Stefano
6 Romagnoli Michele
7 Donadelli Marco XRAY T2'008
8 Baldissarri Daniel
9 Assali Simone
10 Mecugni Marco XRAY T2'009

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