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Race Report by Paul Lemieux
The Great Indoor Champs were held again over Thanksgiving weekend. As always the event was held inside the warm Holiday Inn hotel in frigid Cleveland, OH.

Team XRAY assembled on Tuesday to prepair for the week of racing at the Champs.
As always the carpet track was built in the large ball room and all racers pitted in their hotel rooms while the closed circuit TV keeps us all informed as to what race is up. The team this year for XRAY was Bobby Flack of MI, myself (WI), Chris Doseck (OH), Darren Shank (WA), I also helped Pete D'Agnolo with a his T2’009 to compete in the TC super stock category. We had a lot to be excited about with the T2â€009 and the new 12th scale car.

Right away in practice myself and Bobby Flack were on pace in mod TC. In 12th scale we were less fortunate do to this being the very first race with our new addition 12th scale car but it was coming along and I was just beginning to get a set up. By the end of practice I was looking to be the guy to beat in TC mod with Bobby Flack also looking good. Mike Blackstock and Josh Cyrul were looking fast in 12th mod. I felt that I had a top 10 car in 12th for sure and was making progress, Pete D Agnolo looked to be a top 10 runner in the super stock category with his 009, to me this was impressive do to this being one of only a couple of times that he has driven a TC ever.


Mod TC: I came out of the gate in the Mod TC class by TQing the first two rounds by a large margin. This was nice but I knew that others would get better, Kevin Hebert kept working and in the end my margin of TQ was cut from over a lap down to a few seconds. So the top 3 in the mod TC main would look like this. Myself TQ, Kevin Hebert 2nd, and Josh Cyrul in third.

In the 12th mod class it was Blackstock showing the way most of the time with Josh keeping it close, then came Dayger, Paul Cicerello and others including myself. In the end it was Blackstock taking TQ with Josh qualifing in the 2 spot and Paul Ciccerello in third, I ended up near the back of the pack in the A main but the result should have been much better if not for my big mistakes.

In the TC super stock class it was Kevin Hebert who was TQ with Pete D'agnolo qualifying less than a second behind with his new T2â€009 and Mike Haynes in third. I was really excited about this because Pete never practiced at all before the race. Good job to Pete.

Their was much other great racing in many other classes. But unfortunately I am unable to follow them. Congratulations to all the TQ's.


In the Super Stock A main it was Kevin with the hole shot from the pole with Pete in toe. Pete got shuffled back after a mistake and ran in third for a while. At this point Kevin had a big lead over Mike Haynes and Pete. In the end Pete clawed back to second with a good drive, Kevin took home the title with Pete second, TJ Bradley stayed in it all the way to the end to get the third spot with Mike Haynes just missing out on the podium.

Mod 12th was pretty uneventful up front, TQ Mike Blackstock took off at the start with Josh Cyrul in second. I got shuffled around in the back from the start and ended up breaking and was unable to finish. Mike opened up a small lead from Josh and never gave any of it up. By the end it finished up in qualifying order with a comfortable win for Mike, Josh in second and Chicky in third.

In the Mod TC main I got a really good jump at the start, a pile up behind me in the first corner gave me a small lead over Blackstock and Hebert at the beginning, after 1 min Kevin got back to second with Blackstock in third, but I had a great race and amazing car so I felt it was my race. In the end I ended up winning comfortably over Kevin Hebert in second and Mike Blackstock in third.

Overall it was a great race. I'm very excited about the new XRAY 12th scale car, even though I was disappointed with the result I know that there is way more in the car than I was able to show at this race, so look out in the future. The T2â€009 I am also super happy with, I ran many of the new parts from the T2â€009 on my car at this race and I'm happy to say that they were great for the performance.
Great job to XRAY!.

I would like to thank everyone who made the event happen and my sponsors for the awesome equipment. Congratulations to all of the top runners at this years Champs. Everyone who has ever attended this race knows how competitive and difficult it can be.

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1/10 Modified Touring A Main results

1 Paul Lemieux XRAY T2â€009

2 Keven Hebert
3 Mike Blackstock
4 Jeff Dayger
5 Bobby Flack XRAY T2â€009
6 Paul Ciccarello
7 Josh Cyrul
8 Chris Doseck XRAY T2â€009

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1/10 Super Stock A Main results

1 Keven Hebert
2 Peter D'Agnolo XRAY T2â€009
3 TJ Bradley
4 Mike Haynes
5 Brad Johnson
6 MO Denton
7 Jarrod Langlois
8 Eric Anderson XRAY T2â€009

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