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Race Report by Adrian Berntsen
The third round of the national championship was held in Porsgrunn, a city 120 km south of Oslo. The classes on this race was 1:10 Touring Modifies, 1:10 19t Spec and 1:12 track.

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A training-race on Saturday, just to get better grip in the carpet for the official race on Sunday. When we started racing at Saturday, the carpet had almost no grip, and it was difficult to drive in the qualification rounds.

In modified it was Helge and I who were fastest and would fight for the victory.

Helge had the lead after 2/3 qualification rounds, but in the last qualification round, I took the TQ, some seconds in front of Helge.

In the finals, I started from 1st spot, and I took the win in all of the three finals. Helge finished all the finals in second place, and Goran Langsholt finished at third.

Top 10 Modified

1. Adrian Berntsen XRAY T2'009

2. Helge Johannesen
3. Goran Langsholt
4. Oyvind Stusdal
5. Joakim Nicolaisen
6. Bjorn Ole Haagenvik XRAY T2'009
7. Rune Stokka
8. Ivar Johansen XRAY T2'009
9. Martin Sorlie
10. Leif Tore Stensrod

In 19T Spec, it would be a fight between Tom Erik Haaversen, Jarle Karlsen and Kjell Gunnar Guttormsen battlign for the win. Tom Erik showed us quite good driving in the 2 last finals and secured the win in his first race this winter. Jarle Karlsen finished at 2nd, and Kjell Gunnar finished at 3rd.

Top 10 19T Spec

1. Tom Erik Haaversen XRAY T2'007
2. Jarle V. Karlsen XRAY T2'007

3. Kjell Gunnar Guttormsen
4. Lars A. Andersen XRAY T2'008
5. Roger Larsen
6. Leif Tore Stensrod
7. Knut Enger
8. Kjell Nilsen
9. Fredrik Flatland XRAY T2'008
10. Hans Nicolaisen

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On Sunday the grip in the carpet increased, and many started to getting problems with traction-roll.

In Modified it was once again, me and Helge who would have the fight about the win. Helge was fastest in the qualification rounds and took the TQ in front of me in second.

In 19T Spec it was Tom Erik Haaversen who took TQ. Leif Tore Stensrod qualified on 2nd and Knut Enger on 3rd. XRAY driver Jarle V. Karlsen had very much problems with traction-roll. He qualified in 8th place.
In 1:12 it was Helge who took the TQ in this class too, in front of me in 2nd and Georg Ellingsen on 3rd. It was sure that it would be three exciting finals. Many drivers have shown great skills on this track.

In the first finale in modified, it was close racing between Helge and I.
The gap between us through 3-4 minutes of the final was only 0,5 seconds, but I made a mistake and Helge was able to take the win in the first final.

In the second final, I made too many mistakes and Helge once again took the win. He drove very fast this final and made mistakes, and therefore he won his second NC-race this winter.

In the last final, Helge and I fought whole the time. Helge leaded the final until 4 of 5 minutes, then he did a little mistake allowing me to pass him, and take the win in the third final.

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Top 10 Modified:

1. Helge Johannesen
2. Adrian Berntsen XRAY T2'009
3. Oivind Stusdal
4. Mathias Rud XRAY T2'008
5. Rune Stokka
6. Joakim Nicolaisen
7. Goran Langsholt
8. Ivar Johannesen XRAY T2'009
9. Bjorn Ole Haagenvik XRAY T2'009

10. Martin Sorlie

Top 10 19T Spec

1. Leif Tore Stensrod
2. Tom Erik Haaversen XRAY T2'007
3. Knut Enger
4. Roger Larsen
5. Fredrik Flatland XRAY T2'008
6. Ronny Myhre
7. Hans Nikolaisen
8. Lars A Andersen XRAY T2'008
9. Jarle V Karlsen XRAY T2'009
10. Kjell Nilsen

Adrian Berntsen Set-up sheet.