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Race Report by HobbyLink
The Thunder Tiger off road series took off without a hitch as drivers from all parts of Malaysia and Singapore gathered to participate in this series.

The track was recently reworked and was situated in a very comfortable rural surrounding. Glenn Phuah and Alan Tan managed to take time out of their ever-busy schedules to compete in this event.

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Qualifying started promptly at 9am and continued for 4 rounds of heats. The track conditions only worsened throughout the day as it became dusty and very bumpy. Joe Hwee (HB), Glenn Phuah (Xray) and Alvin Lam were in very close contention for the TQ. As the day progressed, lap times began to slow down, hence Glenn managed a 19 Lap 7:01 in his second run and clinched the TQ for the day, with Alvin and Joe in P2 and P3 respectively.

The A main began unusually as the first instead of the last race of the day and Niko Cheng (track owner) did an excellent job in organising the driver-marshal system so that everyone had enough time to prepare their cars.

The lead in this 45- minute final changed several times between Glenn, Alvin and Joe whom were all on a good pace to win the race. Halfway into the race, Joe faced some car troubles and had to pull into the pits but was out in mere seconds. Alvin and Glenn battled the whole race and had only seconds between them throughout. By sheer consistency and less mistakes, Glenn managed to maintain the lead towards the closing minutes to win the final.

A-main results:

1. Glenn Phuah XRAY XB808

2. Alvin Lam
3. Joe Hwee

Glenn Phuah's Set-up sheet.