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Recently, the 3rd German Micro Masters were held in Willich/ Neersen. About 75 participants raced in 4 classes, TC Modified / Stock and Offroad Modified / Stock. On Saturday morning was one round of group practice, followed by five qualifying heats. The sixth and final qualifying round was on Sunday morning.

Touring Car Modified:
It was XRAY driver Dirk Wischnewski who was the man to beat this weekend. Five of six rounds of qualifying were dominated by Dirk.

In the A-Main were 9 XRAY cars. Dirk continued to dominate in the final, consequently he is the new German Micro Master 2009.

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TOP 10 TC Modified:

1. Dirk Wischnewski XRAY M18PRO
2. Michael Koch XRAY M18PRO

3. Ronald Völker
4. Bernd Haas XRAY M18PRO
5. Jeff Mersch XRAY M18PRO
6. Tom Maquel XRAY M18PRO
7. Rene Pflanzl XRAY M18PRO
8. Freddy SĂĽdhoff XRAY M18PRO
9. GĂĽnter Honert XRAY M18PRO
10. Hartmut Rose XRAY M18PRO

B-Main winner is Thomas Lanwert, XRAY M18PRO

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Touring Car Stock:
This class was dominated by Tim Bauer. Tim secured both the TQ and also the overall win making him the TC Stock German Micro Master 2009.

TOP 10 TC Stock:

1. Tim Bauer XRAY M18
2. Matthias Kröger XRAY M18
3. Manuel Miksche XRAY M18
4. Frank Schmitz XRAY M18
5. Dirk Flachmann XRAY M18
6. Jacques Gonner XRAY M18
7. Stefan Klein XRAY M18
8. Jens Bunge XRAY M18
9. Bianca Haas XRAY M18
10. Veit Böckler XRAY M18

B-Main winner is Rüdiger Römling, also driving a XRAY M18.

Offroad Modified:
For the first time Lipo batteries were allowed to be used in this class.
Marcus LĂĽbke, famous 1/10 electric offroad driver, could secure the pole position, followed by Simon Eser and Mirco Thalheimer.
Marcus LĂĽbke could win this race after three exciting finals and is the Offroad German Micro Master for his third time in a row.

TOP 10 Offroad Modified:
1. Marcus LĂĽbke
2. Steffen Leinburger
3. Simon Eser XRAY M18T PRO

4. Mirco Thalheimer
5. Moritz Gaul
6. Carsten Keller XRAY M18T PRO
7. Andreas Schuch XRAY M18T PRO
8. Hartmut Rose XRAY M18T PRO

9. JĂĽrgen Appel
10. Stefan Senden

B-Main winner is Andre Pribbenrow.

Offroad Stock:
Here it was Tom Maqual who dominated the qualifying rounds followed by Rüdiger Römling and Kai Dittes. In the finals, it was again Tom Maqual who takes the German Micro Master title in Offroad Stock division.

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TOP 10 Offroad Stock:
1. Tom Maqual XRAY M18T
2. Rüdiger Römling XRAY M18T
3. Katja Brammertz XRAY M18T
4.Sascha Hengen XRAY M18T

5.Daniel Kreutz
6.Christophe Choque XRAY M18T
7. Kai Dittes XRAY M18T

8. Thomas Appel
9. Mike Weyandt XRAY M18T
10. Edgar Verkleirer

B-Main winner is Mischa Kessler on XRAY M18T