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Race Report by Soeren Boy Holst
Sunday 8th of February the fourth round of the official Danish Championships, and fourth round of the regional championships, where held in Broendby, just outside Copenhagen.


In the modified class it was clear that the challenge for the win, would end between 3 drivers, Jonas Kaerup, Soeren Boy Holst and Danni Eyde-Nielsen as these drivers separated themselves from the rest of the field.

In the first qualification round, I made a really bad start putting the car on the roof on the first lap, costing more than 6 seconds. I had to push a lot after this, and never really found the rhythm, so Jonas set the best time in first round, followed by Danni and me.

Second qualification round I was focused and my car was also better, so I made a really good time, 4 sec better than the time Jonas made in first round. Danni was also fast, but made some mistakes so he didn’t beat Jonas’s time.

Third and last round my car was still fine and stable so the time after 5 min was only 0,3 sec slower than my best time. Danni made minor mistakes again, and Jonas didn’t improve.

Top 5 after qualifications:
1. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’009
2. Jonas Kaerup
3. Danni Eyde-Nielsen XRAY T2’009
4. Mike Gosvig XRAY T2’009

5. Christian Lehm

Before the finals I made some changes to my car, to make it a little bit more safe and easy to drive.

For the first final I made a bad start, giving Jonas the opportunity to come very close to me, and after half a lap he pushed me into the curb, so I ended up last of all. While Danni and Jonas where driving half a lap ahead of me, I pushed like crazy to catch up, getting closer and closer all through the final. Luckily their fight made it easier for me to catch up and after 3 min I could pass both of them and drive the car to victory. Behind me I could see a lot of rough driving, but no penalties were given. Danni ended in 2nd place with Jonas 3rd.

For the second final I was 100% focused from start, and made no mistakes at all, so it didn’t take long time before I could relax in front. Danni passed Jonas at the end of the main straight, but later in the heat Danni made a mistake, where Jonas could overtake again. – Then Jonas made a mistake and Danni jumped right back into second place, and stayed there till the end.

The third final was again close after the start, but I managed to get away. Unfortunately I made a small mistake, letting Jonas and Danni pass me. Danni passed Jonas later in the heat, and I could start to put pressure on Jonas, and pass him as soon as he made a mistake. Danni won the third final, I was second and Jonas third.

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Modified top 5 overall:
1. Soeren Boy Holst XRAY T2’009
2. Danni Eyde-Nielsen XRAY T2’009

3. Jonas Kaerup
4. Mike Gosvig XRAY T2’009
5. Christian Lehm


In the 19 turn SuperStock class there were also a battle between 3 drivers. Carsten Madsen, Michael Johnsen and Caspar Morgen.

Michael took the TQ spot very convincing, with a new track record, plus a new lap record. Unfortunately for Michael there was a lot of pressure in the second final and a mistake in the third final, so Carsten secured the overall win once again, and is looking dialed for the overall championship.

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Superstock top 5 overall:

1. Carsten Madsen XRAY T2’009
2. Michael Johnsen XRAY T2’009

3. Caspar Morgen
4. Claus Ryeskov XRAY T2’009
5. Soeren M Larsen XRAY T2’009

Winners of the B and C final were also XRAY drivers.

Soeren Boy Holst's Set-up sheet.