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Race Report by Inaki Pahissa

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Saturday morning was left for free practice and all drivers used this time to find the best set up to face the qualifying in the best conditions. XRAY TEAM was represented in this race by Victor Pelaez, Rodrigo Pahissa, Carlos AgĂĽero, Hugo Santos and Inaki Pahissa. All of them worked very closely on Saturday morning to fine tune the car.
Race format was adapted to new EFRA rules, setting the qualifying rounds to 7 minutes, being the first time that drivers had to face this new rule.

Qualifying showed that all XRAY drivers were in a good shape. On first qualifying round Victor did the second fastest time, while Hugo and Inaki did third and fourth. Carlos and Rodrigo had trouble in the first round and couldn´t afford to make a good time.

On second round Hugo Santos managed to make 17 laps, placing himself on second overall position, while Inaki improved his previous time, just like Rodrigo and Carlos.
After the last qualifying of Saturday, Inaki climbed up to second position, setting 17 laps, 4 seconds behind top qualifier Israel Solis. Victor also managed to improve his time, setting 17 laps which placed him in 5th position. The last round was left for Sunday morning. Victor took the TQ position, after a perfect run, 3 seconds faster than second qualified Israel Solis. Inaki ended up in third position and Hugo in fourth. Rodrigo and Carlos, with the other XRAY´s improved their times qualifying within the top 10.

After qualifying, results where as follows:

1. Victor Pelaez XRAY NT1
2. Israel Solis
3. Inaki Pahissa XRAY NT1
4. Hugo Santos XRAY NT1

5. Luis Cayetano MartĂ­nez
6. Javier Hidalgo
7. Juan Antonio González
8. Rodrigo Pahissa XRAY NT1
9. Carlos AgĂĽero XRAY NT1

10. Pedro GarcĂ­a

Semi final B

Semi final B was dominated by Rodrigo Pahissa from start to finish finishing 1 lap ahead of Fernando Otero, also driving an XRAY NT1.

Semi final A

Semi final A was won by Luis Cayetano Martinez. Carlos AgĂĽero finished on second position, qualifying for the main final.

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This left the main final starting list as follows:

Victor Pelaez XRAY NT1
Israel Solis
Inaki Pahissa XRAY NT1
Hugo Santos XRAY NT1

Luis Cayetano MartĂ­nez
Rodrigo Pahissa XRAY NT1
Fernando Otero XRAY NT1
Carlos AgĂĽero XRAY NT1

Enrique Fernández
Javier Hidalgo

Main final

In the warm-up time Rodrigo had trouble with his engine leaving him with no possibilities in the main final, starting 10 minutes late. When the race started, Israel Solis, Victor (XRAY) and Inaki (XRAY) set the pace, building a gap within the rest of competitors. When the fist refueling came, Inaki was leading the race with a comfortable gap, when the engine stopped. Victor was climbing positions after a mistake and Carlos who had very constant lap times was on second position.

Around the second half of the final, Inaki had to retire, due to a broken wheel, despite this incident, Inaki made the fastest lap time of the race, way ahead of the rest drivers.
Finally, Victor managed to reach the lead, after an impressive move up, that took him form the last positions, after the initial mistake, to the lead of the race. Luis Cayetano Martinez finished on second position and Carlos AgĂĽero on third, 5 second behind Cayetano.

Rodrigo, despite his engine problems at the beginning of the final, managed to do some laps, which served him for good practice. Hugo had electronic problems that made him retire before the 10 minute of race.

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Final results

1. Victor Pelaez XRAY NT1

2. Luis Cayetano MartĂ­nez
3. Carlos AgĂĽero XRAY NT1
4. Fernando Otero XRAY NT1

5. Enrique Fernández
6. Israel Solis
7. Javier Hidalgo
8. Inaki Pahissa XRAY NT1
9. Rodrigo Pahissa XRAY NT1
10. Hugo Santos XRAY

Victor Palaez Set-up sheet.

Inaki Pahissa Set-up sheet.

Carlos AgĂĽero Set-up sheet.