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Read the review of the new XRAY T2'009 on www.redrc.net.
Here are few comments from review:

‾While other companies stick with a design for many years it’s a good tradition of the Slovakian manufacturer to update their products on a yearly basis.‶

‾The T2 â€008 was such a good, and in many ways, perfect car that there was no need to radically change it at all.‶

‾The Xray T2 â€009 one again is one of the best if not the best electric touring car around.‶

‾It offers high quality parts with very high performance out of the box.‶

‾The comprehensive manual and set-up book offers loads of advice to perfect the chassis set-up in case you have none of the very helpful Xray team drivers at hand.‶

Read the full review here www.redrc.net: Extra Vitamin C - Xray T2′009