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The 2009 18th scale off-road nationals were held at Rc Madness in Enfield Connecticut again this year, with about 200 entries. When I first got to the track on Tuesday, it looked like a fast and easy track, although once I put a truck on it, I realized it was very technical and tricky. It took me the whole week to master, with a rhythem section, a big quad jump, and even a wall ride.

This year again i entered in four classes; Mod Buggy, Open Mini Monster, Stock 4wd truck, and Mod 4wd truck. On Saturday, three rounds of qualifying were run. By the time the third round was over, i had set TQ in Mod Buggy, Open Monster, and Stock truck. In mod truck I was qualified 6th. After a long day of qualifying, I went home to get some rest for the mains on Sunday.

Come Sunday morning, first up was my Stock 4wd truck main. I led the race from start to finish, winning by a half lap. next up was my open Monster Truck Main. I had a very rough start, dropping to about 4th place, but ended up climing back up to first half way through the first lap. I then led the rest of the race, winning by almost a lap.

Next up was my Mod Buggy Main. This was a very clean race, and again I led from start to finish, winning by a lap and a half. Finally was my mod truck main. Off the tone I quickly jumped into second, but by the end of the race I had dropped back to fourth. Overall it was a great race with lots of competition and excitement.

Stock 4WD A Main:

1. Zack Barry XRAY M18T

2. Nick Ziccaro
3. Aaron Wilson
4. Tom Loranger
5. Dave Mcguire
6. Rich Dipalo XRAY M18T
7. Jay Franz
8. Janie Lepley
9. Chris Marcy XRAY M18T
10. Tim Mohr XRAY M18T

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Open Monster Truck A Main:

1. Zack Barry XRAY M18MT

2. Tom Loranger XRAY M18MT
3. John Cravotta
4. Tim Mohr XRAY M18MT
5. Mark Smyka

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Mod Buggy A Main:

1. Zack Barry XRAY M18T

2. Mark Smyka
3. John Cravotta
4. Tom Loranger XRAY M18T
5. Ashley Villar

Mod 4WD truck A main:

1. Alex Galenski
2. John Cravatta
3. Mike Wilder
4. Zack Barry XRAY M18T
5. Bob Stellflue
6. Tom Loranger XRAY M18T
7. Aaron wilson
8. Tim Mohr XRAY M18T
9. Josh Anderson
10. Nick Ziccaro

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